Sunrise Sound: Current Sessions


The  Bad  Omens  at  Sunrise  Sound  on  Sunday  August 17, 2014 for  an  Interview

Interview Photo - 1Interview Photo - 2

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The  Escapades at Sunrise Sound on May 4,  2014  for an Interview

Escapades  - 05-04--2014 008Escapades  - 05-04--2014 009

Escapades  - 05-04--2014 020Escapades  - 05-04--2014 021



The  Uniques  at Sunrise Sound on May 4,  2014  for an Interview Interview Photo - 1Interview Photo - 2 Interview Photo - 3Interview Photo - 4 ____________________________________________________________________________ Johnny Canton from WDGY Radio in for Interview on January 11, 2014   Interview Photo-1Interview Photo-2 Interview Photo-3Interview Photo-4 ____________________________________________________________________________ The  More – Tishans at Sunrise Sound on November  2, 2013 for Interview Interview Photo-1Interview Photo-2 Interview Photo-3Interview Photo-4 ____________________________________________________________________________ Metrobeat,  Peak  and  Westwind  Records  at  Sunrise  Sound  for  an  Interview  September  29,  201 Interview 1 Photo Larry LaPole - Tony Andreason - Mike JannLarry - Tony - Mike Larry LaPole - Tony Andreason - Mike Jann___________________________________________________________________________ Keith  Zeller  and  Jack  Kollodge  at Sunrise Sound on July  21,  2013  for an Interview Keith Zeller and Jack Kollodge Keith - Jack and Tom Campbell Keith Zeller with Original JacketKeith and Jack _____________________________________________________________________________ The  TaBS  at Sunrise Sound on June  1,  2013  for an Interview ____________________________________________________________________________ Blue  Kats  –  Sonics  at Sunrise Sound on April  13,  2013  for an Interview ___________________________________________________________________________ Dan  Rinaldi  and  Craig  Swanson  of  Tramp  at Sunrise Sound on March  23,  2013  for  an Interview _____________________________________________________________________________ Dan  Rinaldi  of  The  Litter at Sunrise Sound on March  23,  2013  for Interview’s ————————————————————————————————————————- Gary  Leech  and  Terry  Knutson   at Sunrise Sound on February 23, 2013 for  an  Interview  on  the  Victors ____________________________________________________________________________ Bob  Johnston  and  Art  Dean  at Sunrise Sound on November 10, 2012 for  an  Interview  on  the  Sensation   _____________________________________________________________________________ Tony  Andreason  and  Mike  Jann  at Sunrise Sound on October 27, 2012 for  an  Interview  on  the   _____________________________________________________________________________ Bill Miller  of  the  Accents  at Sunrise Sound on September  1, 2012  for  an  Interview ____________________________________________________________________ Nickel  Revolution  interview  at  Sunrise  Sound  on  August  28, 2012 _____________________________________________________________________ Keith  Follese  at Sunrise Sound on July 19, 2012 for a Interview on his time in local bands and his son  ____________________________________________________________________ The  System  Stopped  by Sunrise Sound for a Interview on June  10,  2012 ____________________________________________________________________________ Tom Behr  at Sunrise Sound on May  26,  2012,  Talking  about  The  Fortunes,  He-Too’s  and  Free  and  Easy _______________________________________________________________________________ Tom “Zippy” Caplan  at Sunrise Sound on December 18, 2011 ______________________________________________________________________________ Wes  Hayne at Sunrise Sound on November 13, 2011 for an interview regarding The  Mystics and Audio   _____________________________________________________________________________ Dave Berget (Stillroven) stopped by Sunrise Sound on November 6, 2011 to to listen to acetates and   ______________________________________________________________________________ Mike Dillon and Greg Balego at Sunrise Sound on October 30, 2011 to go over band history of the   ___________________________________________________________________________ Rick LiaBraaten and Billy Hallquist at Sunrise Sound on September 18, 2011 for an interview regard    Rick and Billy with the Thundertree album from 1970 ___________________________________________________________________________ Frank Prout stopped by Sunrise Sound on August 21, 2011 to share his memories of Greg Dee and The Avanti  Frank Prout talking with Tom Campbell ___________________________________________________________________________ Wes Hayne was at the studio on August 7, 2011 to go over The Mystics band history. Wes H ____________________________________________________________________________ Gary “Lumpy” Erickson stops by the studio on June 29, 2011 with items from The Shamrocks, The Showmen and Hour Glass.

Ralph Ortiz from Alpha Productions (1967 through 1981) was in the studio for an interview on his days in the local music business.

Jim Johnson holding the master tape of the final Gypsy studio sessions in Los Angeles at Haji Sound Recording Company (1977).  (Photo: June 17, 2011)

Jim Johnson and Denny Johnson at Sunrise Sound listening to songs recorded by Jim Johnson, post-Gypsy (late 1970’s).  Most of the songs were recorded at Devonshire Recording Studio in North Hollywood. (Photo: June 11, 2011)

Mike Jann with the two tapes that he recorded of The Underbeats playing “live” at Bobby’s teen club in Mendota Heights (1967). (Photo: April 3, 2011)