Jokers Wild

From a five-piece band to the first power trio in the Twin Cities


Jokers Wild    

1965  –  1969

October, 1965:  Local band The He-Too’s (the first version of the band and formerly The Aardvarks) break up and guitar player Gene Balabon and bass player Dave Waggoner decide to put together a new band.  Dave Waggoner calls Denny Johnson to see if he is interested in playing in a new band and he signs on with the two former members of  The He-Too’s /Aardvarks.  Dave Waggoner plays Farfisa organ and sings lead vocals, Gene Balabon plays lead guitar and vocals, and Denny Johnson plays bass guitar and sings backing vocals.  The band now needs to find a drummer so Dave and Denny head over to The Ritz Theater in Northeast Minneapolis, where booking agent David Anthony Wachter rents space for bands to practice in and to try out new band members in a “live” club like setting with a stage.  At The Ritz, Dave and Denny meet Pete Huber, a drummer from The Gremmies, a band that had just broken up due to their singer Jim Larkin leaving the group to take over as lead singer for The Rave Ons, as the group had lost their lead singer Lonnie Knight due to his family moving from Minneapolis to Detroit.  Pete Huber joins the newly forming group on drums.  After practicing for a few weeks at Denny’s house in North Minneapolis, Dave decides he no longer wants to play keyboards and wants to focus on being a front man on lead vocals.  Denny recalls a guitar and keyboard player that he had worked with in the past and calls Dave “Kink” Middlemist.  Dave is playing with The Cavaliers but decides to try out for the new band  and leaves The Cavaliers to join on with the new band which is now up to five members.  The lineup is: Dave Waggoner on lead vocals; Gene Balabon on lead guitar and vocals; Dave “Kink” Middlemist on keyboards/Guitar; and backing vocals; Denny Johnson on bass guitar and backing vocals; and Pete Huber on drums and backing vocals. 

Pete Huber has a job booked for his former band, The Gremmies, at Fararrah’s Fourth Floor Ballroom on East Hennepin Avenue by the University of Minnesota in early December.  The band plays their first live job under the name, The New Gremmies.  The band plays Top-40 cover songs with a lot of songs by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. The next several jobs come about through booking agent Dick Blonagan who had booked jobs for bands under the name Chord on Blues as well as other band names.  The band also plays under the name The Scoundrels for a very short time period, named by the group. 

Early Spring, 1966: One night Dave Waggoner is playing cards with Doni Larson, the bass player for The Underbeats.  During the card game, Doni suggests to Dave that he should call the new band Jokers Wild.  Dave likes the name and tells the band members of Doni Larson’s idea for a new band and all of the band members approve.  

Jokers Wild, now signed on with David Anthony Productions, plays teen clubs, ballrooms, and armories throughout the upper 5 State Midwest area.

Late June, 1966:  Lonnie Knight moves back to Minneapolis after graduating from high school in Detroit and rejoins the The Rave Ons.  With the return of Lonnie Knight, lead singer Jim Larkin departs the Rave Ons to join The Stillroven.   

Early Fall, 1966:  Jokers Wild opens up for The Shadows of Knight (from Chicago) at Proache’s Popular Ballroom in Ellsworth, Wisconsin. 

October, 1966:  Gene Balabon finishes up his schooling, gets married and leaves the band.  Tryouts are held for a new lead guitar player and Bill Jordon is hired after he auditions.  Bill’s father had played in a band with Mike Waggoner’s father, who is a cousin of Dave Waggoner.  This version of the band lasts for four months. 

Late January, 1967: Dave Waggoner informs the band that he and Dave Middlemist are leaving Jokers Wild in order to be part of a new band that David Wachter and Bruce Brantseg are putting together that will be called South 40. Also joining South 40 are three members of The Rave Ons: Larry Wiegand, Dick Wiegand, and Harry Nehls which brings The Rave Ons to an end.

February, 1967: Lonnie Knight joins Jokers Wild on lead vocals. 

Denny contacts Greg Springer from The Illusions and invites him to join the band.  Denny had seen Greg in the band and knew he was a good keyboard player and singer.  Greg accepts the offer. 

Jokers Wild are now a five-piece band once again and gain in popularity by adding a Psychedelic light show with a strobe light and use dry ice to create a fog effect to their performances. The band adds Progressive and Psychedelic Rock songs to their set list.  

May 12, 1967: The band is playing for a high school prom at the Glenwood Ballroom and at the end of the second set a student makes a request to hear the band play “Let’s Spend the Night Together” a hit song by The Rolling Stones.  Immediately after the song ends, the school principal and a number of parents come up to the stage and announce to the band that they are fired for playing a “vulgar” song at a high school dance and are ordered to pack up and leave.  The band is not paid for the job. 

June 29, 1967:  At the suggestion of David Anthony, the band records two songs for a 45 at Kay Bank Recording Studios in Minneapolis: “All I See Is You” written by Lonnie Knight and “I Just Can’t Explain It” written by Bill Jordan.

July 3, 1967:  Jokers Wild plays on the bill with The Association and The Five Americans (among other bands) at the Majestic Hills Ballroom in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  The audience numbers around 4,000 people which is the largest crowd the band has yet played for.    

August, 1967: The band’s first 45 is released on the Metrobeat label with “All I See is You” backed with “I Just Can’t Explain It.”  Metrobeat is a local record company owned by David Anthony, Mike Jann, and Tony Andreason (from The Trashmen).  The record gets airplay on local radio stations WDGY and KDWB.

After the first 45 came out the band contacted local record producer Timothy D. Kehr and told him that they were not happy with the recording quality of their first 45 and wanted to get a better sound for their next recording.  Timothy suggests the band go to IGL Recording Company in Milford, Iowa, where two Iowa bands (Dee Jay and the Runaways and the Pete Klint Quintet) had recorded national hits.  Timothy books studio time for August 24th at 10:00 AM and agrees to produce the record.   The band has a job the night before the recording session at the Blue Note Ballroom in Winsted, Minnesota and the group drives right to Milford after the job and park in front of the studio and sleep in the van.  In the morning the guys stop at a nearby convenience store to pick up some breakfast consisting of pop and cup cakes.  Timothy drives down to Milford and meets the group at the studio and talks with the recording engineer Roger Blunt and the session gets under way.  The band is set up in a room that is approximately 15′ x 24′ which is next to the control room which is about 10′ x 12′ and has a three track Ampex recording machine.  The band is planning to record four songs and do the basic tracks for “Echo” and “That Man’s Not You” and then notice the time is running short, so the other two songs are out on hold for the time.  The plan is changed to finish the two songs in process.  The basic tracks recorded for the two songs are: drums; bass; rhythm guitar; and keyboards.  These tracks are recorded on two tracks and then mixed down to one track.  Next, the guitar solo is recorded on a track and then mixed down with the first tracks.  Then, the lead vocals are done on one track and the backing vocals are recorded on the last empty track with the members standing around a single microphone in a half circle trying to get the right blend of voices as Timothy gives instructions from the control room.  The session lasted until 6:30 that night when both songs were mixed down to a submaster.  The band leaves Milford, Iowa and drive to Jamestown, North Dakota where they have a job at the armory for KSJB Radio.  With the band having a heavy travel schedule there is not enough money to press up the two songs recorded at IGL. Timothy D. Kehr had agreed to manage Jokers Wild after the recording but was busy with other local bands at the time and was trying to land a job with a national record company which he eventually did.  After a short while, Jokers Wild would become a three piece power trio with David Anthony Wachter taking over the booking and management of the band.   

September, 1967: Bill Jordan informs the band he is leaving in order to play country music and joins the Chill Hillman Band, a local country band.  Lonnie Knight becomes the lead guitar player.  Dale Strength from City Strangers joins on second lead guitar and vocals and the band is once again a five-piece band.  Dale plays with the band for six weeks and then leaves to finish his schooling as a graphic artist.  The band is now a four-piece group.

October, 1967: Danny Kane from The Stillroven joins the band on rhythm guitar and vocals for three weeks and then leaves for a job opportunity outside of the music business.

January 30, 1968:  Jokers Wild books studio time at Universal Audio (formerly Kay Bank) and records four songs: “Because I’m Free” written by Greg Springer; “Sunshine,”  “Witch” and “Copper Penny” written by Lonnie Knight. Tony Andreason from The Trashmen produces the recording session. 

February, 1968: Greg Springer leaves the band and the group is now a three-piece with Lonnie, Denny and Pete.  This is the first three-piece “power trio” band in the Twin Cities. 

February/March, 1968: The band builds their own Fender experimental amps and Pete goes from a single kick drum to a double kick drum.

May, 1968:  The 45 of “Because I’m Free” and “Sunshine” is released on the Peak label. The record gets airplay on the local radio stations. Pete goes from a double kick drum to a triple kick drum and also adds floor toms and upper toms as well as cymbals.  Pete also starts to amp up his drum style by shattering drum sticks during his drum solos.  

June, 1968: Greg Springer rejoins the band. The band is now a four-piece goup again.

Late July, 1968: Lonnie Knight and Greg Springer leave the band and move to Chicago to join The Litter.  The Litter are staying in Chicago at this time and working on material for the “Emerge” album. 

Early August, 1968: Lonnie Knight and Greg Springer leave The Litter and return to Minneapolis and rejoin Denny and Pete in Jokers Wild. 

September, 1968: In addition to booking the band, David Anthony begins to manage the band.

The band plans on releasing a 45 with the other two songs recorded in January, 1968: “Witch” on the A-side and “Copper Penny” on the B-side.  Due to financial issues the record is never released. 

October, 1968: Greg Springer leaves Jokers Wild and joins Clover with Danny Holien.  The band is now a three piece group again. The three piece band gains in popularity due to its wild stage show, original songs, and massive amount of musical equipment on stage… enough for three bands, with all their Sunn Amps.

November, 1968: The band begins to rehearse songs for a new album to be produced by Warren Kendrick. The rehearsals are held at the teen club Someplace Else (temporarily closed) in Robbinsdale.  On Wednesday, November 13, there is fire at the club and the $20,000 worth of musical equipment is destroyed, that the band was using courtesy of Park Music in St. Louis Park.  There is no insurance coverage on the equipment and Sunn refuses to replace the destroyed equipment after the band drove it all back to the Sunn factory in Portland, Oregon.  The band switches to Custom Amps and a PA, through Park Music, however the band is not happy with the sound and decide to make a switch and go to Torp’s Music in Richfield and obtain Marshall Stacks for Denny and Lonnie (two stacks each).  David Anthony buys the band a Voice of the Theatre PA system with cabinets and monitors for the band.  

June 24, 1969: The band is on tour and traveling through Illinois and find out that Blue Cheer are going to be headlining a concert at the Joliet, Illinois fairgrounds and decide to stop by and take in the show.  Blue Cheer (a three-piece hard rock band) has a national hit with their hard rock – blow out the speakers version of “Summertime Blues” originally a hit by Eddie Cochran.  Jokers Wild and David Anthony get to the show and wait to see Blue Cheer, but there is a delay, so David Anthony goes backstage to find out what is going on.  David discovers from the highly agitated concert promoter that Blue Cheer are a no show for the concert and David proposes that Jokers Wild take the stage for the headline act.  The promoter agrees and Jokers Wild end up headlining the concert instead of Blue Cheer and play a version of “Summertime Blues” which brings the crowd to their feet. Some members of the audience actually think that Jokers Wild are Blue Cheer. 

January 16, 1969: The band goes into Mic Side Recording Studio (formerly Universal Audio) and record a number of songs in Studio B.  Most of the songs are originals, plus a few covers, and the band records the instruments live and then take a break and come back in to record the vocals.  The idea is to record a large number of songs in a short time period in order to get a tape to a record producer from New York who believes he can get the band a national record deal.  The band completes the recording and gives the producer a tape of the songs but do not hear back from the producer.  David Anthony checks up on the progress and discovers the producer has moved on to another company.

February 23, 1969: The band opens a show for Procol Harum at The Labor Temple.

April 29 and 30, 1969:  David Anthony takes the band back to Mic Side Recording Studio to record an album planned to consist of 12 of the band’s original songs.  The band advertises a “name our new album” contest and a fan from Storm Lake, Iowa mails the group a two-page letter with a list of 95 potential album names.  Among the list of 95 names is “Liquid Giraffe” which the band decides to use for their new album.  Five songs for the album are recorded but due to the heavy touring schedule of the band they do not return to the studio to finish the album.

May, 1969: The band opens a show for Creedence Clearwater Revival at the Minneapolis Armory.

June 1, 1969: The band opens a show for Albert King at The Labor Temple.

June, 1969:  The band releases two of the songs that were recorded in April for the planned album to be called “Liquid Giraffe.”  On the A-side is “Peace Man” written by Lonnie Knight and the B-side is “Tomorrow” written by Pete Huber.  The 45 comes out on the Peak label and gets airplay in the Twin Cities and other markets including Rochester, Minnesota (KNCV FM) where “Peace Man” goes to Number 1 and then the B-side “Tomorrow” also goes to Number 1.

July 2, 1969: The band opens a show for Canned Heat at Kelker Junction in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

July 3, 1969: The band travels to Albuquerque, New Mexico at the invitation of Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) who offer the band a job opening up for them on their Southern Tour of the United States.  The tour is supposed to be a three to five week job. Unknown to the band is that there are internal conflicts within CCR and Tom Fogerty leaves the band to start a new band, the Blue Ridge Rangers.  The planned CCR Southern Tour is cancelled and Jokers Wild returns to Minneapolis after waiting in a motel in Albuquerque for three weeks.  While in New Mexico the band plays a few jobs at local clubs and at Albuquerque College. 

August 31, 1969: Pete Huber plays his final job with Jokers Wild at The Blazer in Nisswa, Minnesota and leaves the band due to health problems.

September 1, 1969: Bill Gent joins the band on drums.  The band rehearses with Bill for four days at Dial Recording Studio in Northeast Minneapolis. The group decides to finish up the year playing as Jokers Wild and then plan to change the name of the band to Flash Tuesday starting in January, 1970.

December 27, 1969:  Jokers Wild plays their final job under the name Jokers Wild at the Willmar Armory as the decade of the 1960’s comes to an end, and Flash Tuesday starts till April 1970

After Jokers Wild came to an end in 1969, there were two versions of the band that played for very brief time periods in 1971.

February, 1971: A new version of Jokers Wild comes together with: Denny Johnson on bass guitar and vocals; Ron “Honeybear” Hort on keyboards and vocals; Lorenzo Whitmarsh on lead vocals; Scott Holmstrom on guitar; and Robby Belleville on drums. This version of the band plays for about five weeks.

September, 1971: Another version of the band comes together with: Lonnie Knight on lead guitar and vocals; Chuck Edwards on second lead guitar and vocals; Denny Johnson on bass guitar and vocals; and Robby Belleville on drums.  This version of the band plays for about four weeks. 


In 1990, a compilation album was released called “The Best of Metrobeat” which featured songs recorded by local bands in the later 1960’s and early 1970’s that were released on the Metrobeat or Peak labels.  Included on the album were five songs by Jokers Wild: “All I See is You”; “I Just Can’t Explain It”; “Because I’m Free”; “Sunshine”; and “Copper Penny.”  

In September, 1998, Jokers Wild played a reunion concert at the Mill City Music Festival at the Fine Line Music Café in Minneapolis.

On December 12, 1998 Jokers Wild played a reunion concert at The Cabooze in Minneapolis, along with The Litter, Crow, and The Stillroven.

In 2007, a compilation album was released called “Garage Beat 66.”  Jokers Wild song “All I See Is You” was included on Garage Beat 66, Volume 6.  Numerous other local bands were also included in the compilation series which has a total of 7 volumes.

On September 18, 2010 Jokers Wild were inducted into the Mid-America Music Hall of Fame at the Sheraton Bloomington.  Playing live at the event were: Lonnie Knight; Denny Johnson; Pete Huber; and Bill Jordan.

In March, 2013 Jokers Wild signed a contract with Shadoks Music out of Germany. The contract called for a vinyl album to include fourteen original songs recorded by the band in the later part of the 1960’s.  The album will be a limited edition of 500 (numbered), pressed on high quality 180 gram vinyl, with a two-page insert and a heavy weight color jacket that shows the band in their Psychedelic/Futuristic stage outfits.  The cover also features Psychedelic artwork that Lonnie Knight came up with (completed by an artist) when the band was playing to use for concert posters.  Following the vinyl album, a CD of the band is planned that will include songs not on the vinyl record.  The name of the album “Liquid Giraffe” comes from 1969 when the band advertised a “name our new album” contest for a planned studio album that was never completed.  Loren Cave of Storm Lake, Iowa, was a fan of the band and had seen them perform at the Cobblestone Ballroom (in Storm Lake) on numerous occasions and sent the band a two-page letter with 95 proposed album names.  Among the list was “Liquid Giraffe” which the band decided to use for the album. Due to the band being heavily booked in 1969, the group did not return to the studio to complete the album.  When the band was contacted by Shadoks Music regarding a new album, Lonnie, Denny and Pete all agreed that the name “Liquid Giraffe” would finally be put to use as the title for the new album and CD.  The vinyl album is set for release in September, 2013 and will only be available online.

In September, 2013, Shadok’s Music out of Germany released the “Liquid Giraffe” album by Jokers Wild, followed up by the CD.   The record can be ordered through the website: 

On June 15, 2015, Jokers Wild played at the Minnesota Legends concert held at Maple Grove Town Green.  Original Members Lonnie Knight and Denny Johnson  were joined by Denny Ball on drums.  Also on the bill were Lonnie Knight and Reid Papke, Thundertree, and The Litter.  The concert helped raised funds for Guitars for Vets and was organized by local musician Billy Hallquist.

Written by Tom Campbell

September 7, 2013

Posted on September 11, 2013

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Group  One  –  5  Piece  –  November  1965  to  March  1967

Group  Two  –  5  Piece  –  March  1967  to  October  1967

St. Boneventure Church June 1967

Holiday Inn – Minneapolis with the 19th Amendment  –   June 17, 1967

Group  Three  –  4  Piece  –  October  1967  to  January  1968

Group  Four –  3  Piece  –  January  1968  to  August  1969

November  1968  “THE  FIRE”

Labor  Temple  Shows

Jokers  Wild  VIDEO  ” On  The  Road ”  from  the  3  weeks  of  Waiting  in  Alburquerque,  New  Mexico

go  to ( )


Group  Five  –  3  Piece  –  New Drummer  Bill  Gent  September  1969  to  April  1970

The  Reunion  Shows


September  2013  –  New LP  from  Shadoks  Music  Germany

LP Cover, Record and Insert

“Liquid Giraffe”  LP Cover, Record and Insert


Jokers Wild Jacket Cover

“Liquid Giraffe”  Jokers Wild Front Jacket Cover



“Liquid Giraffe”  Jokers Wild Back Jacket Cover



Cloquet  –  December  28, 1965

To listen, click  on  the audio player arrow

Born In Chicago – From the Cloquet CD – Peak  Records  16017

Come On Up – From the Cloquet CD – Peak  Records  16017

If You Need Me– From the Cloquet CD – Peak  Records  16017

96 Tears – From the Cloquet CD – Peak  Records  16017

Time Won’t Let Me  – From the Cloquet CD – Peak  Records  16017

Little Girl – From the Cloquet CD – Peak  Records  16017

You Really Got Me – From the Cloquet CD – Peak  Records  16017

Roll Over Bethoven – ( Whole Song ) From the Cloquet CD – Peak  Records  16017

I  Wanna  Do  It  – From the Cloquet CD – Peak  Records  16017



Live at The Algon Ballroom – Summer  of  1966

Hey  Joe  –  Live  at  The  Algon  Ballroom  CD  –  Peak  Records  16018

This  Weeks  Children – Live  at  The  Algon  Ballroom   CD – Peak  Records  16018

I  Can  Only  Give  You  Everything – Live  at  The  Algon  Ballroom   CD – Peak  Records  16018

Midnight  Hour – Live  at  The  Algon  Ballroom   CD – Peak  Records  16018

Talkin’  Bout  You – Live  at  The  Algon  Ballroom   CD – Peak  Records  16018

Stick  &  Stones  –  I  Go  Crazy  –  Money – Live  at  The  Algon  Ballroom   CD – Peak  Records  16018


1st  45  Record  Released  In  August  1967

All I See Is You  /  I Just Can’t Explain It

All I See Is You – From the Masters CD Peak  Records  16020

I Just Can’t Explain It – From the Masters CD Peak  Records  16020



2nd  45  Record  Released  in  May  1968

Because I’m Free / Sunshine

Because I’m Free – From the Masters CD – Peak  Records  16020

Sunshine – From the Masters CD – Peak Records 16020



Live  at  MaGoo’s  –  Summer  1968


Sunshine  of  Your  Love  –  From  the  Live  at  Magoo’s  CD  ONE  –  Peak  Records  16019

Show  Me  –  From  The  Live  at  Magoo’s  CD  ONE  –  Peak  Records  16019

Something  Called  Goodbye  –  From  The  Live  at  Magoo’s  CD  ONE  –  Peak  Records  16019

Have  You  Ever  Loved  Somebody  –  From  The  Live  at  Magoo’s  CD  ONE  –  Peak  Records  16019

Witch  –  From  The  Live  at  Magoo’s   CD  ONE  –  Peak  Records  16019

It’s  Got  To  Be  Tonight  –  From  The  Live  at  Magoo’s  CD  ONE  –  Peak  Records  16019

Knock  On  Wood  –  From  The  Live  at  Magoo’s  CD  ONE  –  Peak  Records  16019

Have  You  Heard  –  From  The  Live  at  Magoo’s  CD  ONE  –  Peak  Records  16019






3rd  45  Record  Released  in  June  27,  1969


Peace  Man  –  From  the  45  RPM  Peak  Record

Tomorrow  –  From  the  45 RPM  Peak  Record


“Live”  at  Casino  Royale  August  10,  1968

Witch  –  Time 4:09  From  The  Live  at  Casino  Royale  CD ONE –  Peak  Records  16022

Peace  Man  Time  3:00    From the Live  at  Casino Royale  CD ONE – Peak  Records  16022

Star / Uptight  –  Time  8:34    From the Live  at  Casino Royale  CD ONE – Peak  Records  16022

Grass  Is  Greener  –  Time  3:20  From  The  CD  Live  at  Casino  Royale  CD ONE  –  Peak  Records  16022

Have  You  Heard  –  Time  7:01  From  The  Live  At  Casino  Royale  CD ONE  –  Peak  Records  16022

Purple  Haze  –  Time  3:51  From  The  Live  at  Casino  Royale  CD ONE  –  Peak  Records  16022

Have  You  Ever  Loved  Somebody  –  Time  3:13  From  The  Live  at  Casino  CD ONE –  Peak  Records  16022

Another  Voice  –  Time  5:11  From  The  Live  at  Casino  Royale  CD ONE  – Peak  Records  16022

Shake  &  Drum  Solo  –  Time  8:02  From  The  Live  at  Casino  Royale  CD ONE  –  Peak  Records  16022


Something  Called  Goodbye  –  Time  3:10  From  The  Live  at  Casino  Royale  CD TWO  –  Peak  Records 16022

Give  Me Your  Love  –  Time  2:47  From  The  Live  at  Casino  Royale  CD TWO  –  Peak  Records  16022

Because  I’m  Free  /  Uncompleted  –  Time  5:42  From  the  Live  at  Casino  Royale  CD TWO  –  Peak  Records  16022

Do  You  Know  What  I  Need  –  Time  3:34  From  The  Live  at  Casino  Royale  CD  TWO  –  Peak  Records  16022

I’m  So  Glad  –  Time  3:56  From  The  Live  at  Casino  Royale  CD  TWO  –  Peak  Records  16022

Season  of  the  Witch  /  Born  to  be  Wild  –  Time  18:21  From  The  Live  at  Casino  Royale  CD TWO  –  Peak  Records  16022

Sunshine  Of  Your  Love  –  Time  4:54  From  The  Live  at  Casino  Royale  CD  TWO  –  Peak  Records  16022

Roll  Over  BREAK-TOVEN  –  Time  1:02  From  The  Live  at  Casino  CD  TWO  –  Peak  Records  16022



The  Masters  CD  –  Collection  of   Recorded  Studio  Songs


Echo  –  From  The  Masters  CD  –  Peak  Records  16020

That  Mans  Not  You  –  From  The  Masters  CD  –  Peak  Records  16020

Stranger  –  From  The  Masters  CD  –  Peak  Records  16020

The  Grass  Is  Greener  –  From  The  Masters  CD  –  Peak  Records  16020

Copper  Penny  –  From  The  Masters  CD  –  Peak  Records  16020


Studio  B  Vol. 1  Sessions  –  Recorded  January  16, 1969

Tomorrow  –  From  the  Studio  B  Vol.  1  CD  –  Peak  Records  16078

River  –  From  the  Studio  B  Vol.  1  CD  –  Peak  Records  16078

American Dream – From the Studio B Vol. 1  CD – Peak  Records  16078

Have You Ever Loved Somebody – From the Studio B Vol. 1  CD – Peak  Records  16078

When  The  Suns  Up  I’ll  Be  Gone – From the Studio B Vol. 1  CD – Peak  Records  16078

Dissatisfied – From the Studio B Vol. 1  CD – Peak  Records  16078

Hard  Road – From the Studio B Vol. 1  CD – Peak  Records  16078

Good  Time  – From the Studio B Vol. 1  CD – Peak  Records  16078

Park  Music  – From the Studio B Vol. 1  CD – Peak  Records  16078

Witch – From the Studio B Vol. 1  CD – Peak  Records  16078

Rehearsal  –  December  12,  1998

Peace Man  –  time  2:28   From the Rehearsal CD – Peak  Records  16069

Witch –  time  3:53   From the Rehearsal CD – Peak  Records  16069

Because I’m Free  –  time  4:15   From the Rehearsal CD – Peak  Records  16069

3rd Degree –  time  8:06   From the Rehearsal CD – Peak  Records  16069

Bottle of Red Wine –  time  3:42   From the Rehearsal CD – Peak  Records  16069

I Pay The Bills –  time  3:26   From the Rehearsal CD – Peak  Records  16069



Sundazed The Best Of Metrobeat compilation

Jokers Wild Touring Schedule

Contracts for November 25, 1965  through  April 6, 1967  are  missing  

 April  1967

Date                        Place                               City  /  State        

7.  Montgomery  High  School,  Montgomery, MN

8.  Wadena   Armory,  Wadena,  MN

14.  Minnetonka  High  School,  Minnetonka,  MN

22.  Parkway  Ballroom,  Foley,  MN

23.  Waverly  Air  Force  Station,  Waverly,  IA

30.  Wakota  Arena,  St.  Paul,  MN (with:  More  Tishans  –  Del Counts  –  Beats  –  Grasshoppers)

May  1967

5.  Wilmar  Armory,  Wilmar, MN

8.  Alp’s  Inc.,  Bloomington,  MN

9.  Alp’s  Inc.,  Bloomington,  MN

10.  Alp’s  Inc., Bloomington,  MN

11.  Alp’s Inc., Bloomington,  MN

12.  Genwood  High  School,  Glenwood,  MN

13.  Rainbow  Gardens,  Rice  Lake,  WI

19.  Palms  Ballroom,  Renville,  MN

20.  North  St. Paul  Teen  Center,  North  St.  Paul,  MN

21.  Bobby’s  Teen  Club,  St.  Paul,  MN

26.  Playmor  Ballroom,  Glencoe,  MN

27.  L R C  Pavilion,  Hallstad,  MN

28.  Terp  Ballroom,  Austin,  MN

29.  Alp’s  Inc.,  Bloomington,  MN

30.  Alp’s  Inc.,  Bloomington,  MN

31.  Alp’s  Inc.,  Bloomington,  MN

June  1967

1.  Alp’s  Inc.,  Bloomington,  MN

2.  Pines  Ballroom,  Bloomer,  WI

3.  The  Blazer,  Nisswa,  MN

7.  Alp’s  Inc.,  Bloomington,  MN

8.  Wilmar  Armory,  Wilmar,  MN

9.  Coliseum  Ballroom,  Oelwein,  IA

10.     ______         _______,  MN

11.  Wakota  Arena,  St.  Paul,  MN

14.  Lake  Marion  Ballroom,  Hutchinson,  MN

16.  New  Munich  Ballroom,  New  Munich,  WI

17.  Parkway  Ballroom,  Foley,  MN

18.  Spring  Hill  Ballroom,  Spring  Hill,  MN

19.  Alp’s  Inc.,  Bloomington,  MN

20.  Alp’s  Inc.,  Bloomington,  MN

21.  Alp’s  Inc.,  Bloomington,  MN

22.  Alp’s  Inc.,  Bloomington,  MN

23.  Kato Ballroom,  Mankato,  MN

24.  Pines  Ballroom,  Bloomer,  WI

28.  Midway  Ballroom,  Independence,  WI

29.  Recording Day  Hours  at  Kay  Bank   Minneapolis,  MN

29.  Alp’s  Inc.  ( in the evening ),  Bloomington,  MN

July  1967

1.  Richmond  Ballroom,  Aberdeen,  SD

2.  The  Blazer,  Nisswa,  MN

3.  Majestic Ballroom, Lake Geneva, WI (with The Association and others)

5.  Club  Pop  House,  Beloit,  WI

6.  London  Inn,  Eau  Claire,  WI

7.  Pines  Ballroom,  Bloomer,  WI

8.  Montgomery  Auction  Barn,  Montgomery,  MN

12.  Pines  Ballroom,  Bloomer,  WI

14.  Fairgrounds,  Dubuque,  IA

15.  George’s  Ballroom,  New  Ulm,  MN

17.  Starlite  Drive–In Movie Theater,  Montevideo,  MN

20.  Madison  Armory,  Madison,  MN

21.  Proache’s  Ballroom,  Ellsworth,  WI

22.  Crookston  Armory,  Crookston,  MN

24.  Pines  Ballroom,  Bloomer,  WI

25.  Downtown  Armory,  Faribault,  MN

26.  The  Blazer,  Nisswa,  MN

27.  Rainbow  Gardens,  Rice  Lake,  WI

28.  Playmor  Ballroom,  Glencoe,  MN

29.  Tip  Top  Club,  Suring,  WI

August  1967

1.  Video  Ballroom,  Montevideo,  MN

3.  St.  Alphonsus,  Brooklyn  Center,  MN

5.  Pines  Ballroom,  Bloomer,  WI

8.  Mower  County  Fair,  Austin,  MN

11.  Palms  Ballroom,  Renville,  MN

12.  George’s  Ballroom,  New  Ulm,  MN

13.  Spring  Hill  Ballroom,  Spring  Hill,  MN

14.  Blue  Moon  Ballroom,  Marshall,  MN

15.  George’s  Ballroom,  New  Ulm,  MN

16.  Midway  Ballroom,  Independence,  WI

18.  Pines  Ballroom,  Bloomer,  WI

19.  The  Blazer,  Nisswa,  MN

20.  Cobblestone  Ballroom,  Storm  Lake,  IA

22.  The  Hul La Baloo,  St.  Louis  Park,  MN

23.  Blue  Note  Ballroom,  Winsted,  MN

25.  KSJB  Radio Station,  Jamestown,  ND

26.  Fairgrounds  Ballroom,  St.  Cloud,  MN

30.  Lake  Marion  Ballroom,  Hutchinson,  MN

31.  London  Inn,  Eau  Claire,  WI

September  1967

1.  The  Blazer,  Nisswa,  MN

2.  Pines  Ballroom,  Bloomer,  WI

9.  Parkway  Ballroom,  Foley,  MN

15.  Spring  Lake  Park  VFW,  Spring  Lake  Park,  MN

16.  Rainbow  Gardens,  Rice  Lake,  WI

22.  Sauk  Rapids  High  School,  Sauk  Rapids,  MN

23.  Richardson’s  Pavilion,  Clayton,  WI

28.  London  Inn,  Eau  Claire,  WI

30.  Tower Teen Center,  Austin,  MN

October  1967

6.  Wilmar  High  School,  Wilmar,  MN

7.  George’s  Ballroom,  New  Ulm,  MN

11.  Wilmar  Junior  High  School,  Wilmar,  MN

13.  Wayzata  High  School,  Wayzata,  MN

14.  The Hullabaloo Club,  St.  Louis  Park,  MN

21.  Interlacken  Ballroom,  Fairmont,  MN

27.  Virginia  National  Guard  Armory,  Virginia,  MN

28.  LRC  Pavilion,  Halstad,  MN

29.  The  Idle  Hour,  Aberdeen,  SD

November  1967

3.  Wahkon  A-Go Go,  Wahkon,  MN

4.  George’s  Ballroom,  New  Ulm,  MN

10.  Video  Ballroom,  Montevideo,  MN

11.  Bowlarena, New  Richmond,  MN

17.  Country  Air  Ballroom,  Appleton,  WI

18.  Country  Air  Ballroom,  Appleton,  WI

23.  London  Inn,  Eau  Claire,  WI

24.  Wadena  Armory,  Wadena,  MN

25.  Fairgrounds,  St.  Cloud,  MN

December  1967

1.  Palms  Ballroom,  Renville,  MN

2.  Tower Teen Center,  Austin,  MN

8.  Wahkon  A-Go Go,  Wahkon,  MN

9.  Beuna  Vista  College,  Storm  Lake,  IA

15.  Proache’s  Ballroom,  Ellsworth,  WI

16.  Baldwin-Woodville  High  School,  Baldwin,  WI

23.  Marshall  Armory,  Marshall,  MN

25.  Pines  Ballroom,  Bloomer,  WI

26.  Jackson  Golf  Club,  Jackson,  MN

27.  St.  Mary’s  Grade  School,  Durand,  WI

28.  Amery  High  School,  Amery,  WI

29.  St.  Josephs  Gym,  Rice  Lake,  WI

30.  The  Blazer,  Nisswa,  MN

31.  Guild  House,  Faribault,  MN

January  1968

1.  St.  Cloud  Armory,  St.  Cloud,  MN  (March of Dimes)

2.  London  Inn,  Eau  Claire,  WI

3.  Cathedral  High  School (Gym),  New  Ulm,  MN

4.  London  Inn,  Eau  Claire,  WI

5.  New  Munich  Ballroom,  New  Munich,  MN

6.  The  Parkway  Ballroom,  Foley,  MN

13.  Pines  Ballroom,  Bloomer,  WI

19.  New  City  Opera  House,  Minneapolis,  MN

20.  George’s  Ballroom,  New  Ulm,  MN

21.  Blue  Note  Ballroom,  Winsted,  MN

26.  Minnetonka  High  School,  Minnetonka,  MN

27.  Dells  Ballroom,  Dell  Rapids,  SD

30.  Recording Universal  Audio   Studios   Minneapolis,  MN

February  1968

2.  Proache’s  Ballroom,  Ellsworth,  WI

3.  Wadena  Armory,  Wadena,  MN

9.  Video  Ballroom,  Montevideo,  MN

10.  Chippewa  Falls  High  School,  Chippewa  Falls,  WI

16.  Forest  City  Auditorium,  Forest  City,  IA

17.  Old  Hayward,  Hayward,  WI

18.  Telemark  Ski  Lodge, Mt.  Telemark,  WI

25.  Star  Ballroom, Dakota  City,  IA

27.  Canby  Elementry  School,  Canby,  MN

28.  Jackson  High  School,  Jackson,  MN

March  1968

 1.  Cuyuna  Range  Youth  Club,  Crosby,  MN

7.  Richardson’s  Pavilion,  Clayton,  WI

8.  St.  Michael  Ballroom,  St.  Michael,  MN

9.  Teen  Center,  Bismark,  ND

16.  Eagle  Grove  Ballroom,  Eagle  Grove,  IA

17.  Cobblestone  Ballroom,  Storm  Lake,  IA

21.  London  Inn,  Eau  Claire,  WI

22.  Someplace  Else,  Robbinsdale,  MN

23.  New  City  Opera  House,  Minneapolis,  MN

29.  Purple  Cigar,  St.  Louis  Park,  MN

30.  The HullaBaloo  Club,  Minneapolis,  MN

April  1968

5.  Minnetonka  High  School,  Minnetonka,  MN

6.  George’s  Ballroom,  New  Ulm,  MN

9.  New  City  Opera  House,  Minneapolis,  MN

13.  Hibbing  National  Guard  Armory,  Hibbing,  MN

14.  Cobblestone  Ballroom,  Storm  Lake,  IA

18.  In-Too’s,  Menomonie,  WI

19.  Magoo’s,  Minneapolis,  MN

20.  North  St.  Paul  Teen  Center,  North  St.  Paul,  MN

21.  St.  Bonaventure  (Gym),  Bloomington,  MN

26.  Luverne  Armory,  Luverne,  MN

27.  Mod  Hill,  Rice  Lake,  WI

May  1968

4.  Someplace  Else,  Robbinsdale,  MN

5.  Cobblestone  Ballroom,  Storm  Lake,  IA

10.  Gibbon  Ballroom,  Gibbon,  MN

11.  New  City  Opera  House,  Minneapolis,  MN

17.  Cathedral  High  School,  St.  Cloud,  MN

18.  Pines  Ballroom,  Bloomer,  WI

19.  St.  Alphonsus,  Brooklyn  Center,  MN

23.  London  Inn,  Eau  Claire,  WI

24.  New  Munich  Ballroom,  New  Munich,  MN

25.  Tower  Teen  Center,  Austin,  MN

26.  Fox  Lake  Park,  Sherburn,  MN

28.  LRC  Pavilion,  Halstad,  MN

June  1968

1.  LRC  Pavilion,  Halstad,  MN

2.  The  HullaBaloo  Club,  Minneapolis,  MN

6.  New  Chaska  High  School,  Chaska,  MN

8.  High School Auitorium (Buffalo Days),  Buffalo,  MN

10.  P. J’ s,  Burnsville,  MN

15.  Club  Pop  House,  Beloit,  WI

22.  Parkway  Ballroom,  Foley,  MN

23.  Fairgrounds  Ballroom,  Dubuque,  IA

24.  Fairgrounds  (fill in for BLUE CHEER’s no show),  Joliet, ILL

25.  K C  Hall,  New  Prague,  MN

26.  Someplace  Else,  Robbinsdale,  MN

30.  London  Inn,  Eau  Claire,  WI

July  1968

2.  Fairgrounds,  Cannon  Falls,  MN

3.  P. J’ s,  Burnsville,  MN

4.  Two  Harbors  Teen  Center,  Two  Harbors,  MN

6.  The  Barn,  Eden Praire,  MN

10.  Lokates  Teen  Club,  No.  St.  Paul,  MN

11.  Durand  City  Hall,  Durand,  WI

13.  George’s  Ballroom,  New  Ulm,  MN

17.  Someplace  Else,  Robbinsdale,  MN

18.  Madison  National  Guard  Armory,  Madison,  MN

19.  Club Irving  Wildman,  St.  Cloud,  MN

20.  Richardson’s  Pavilion,  Clayton,  WI

23.  Moorhead Armory,  Moorhead,  MN

24.  KOVC  Radio  Station –(VC  Armory),  Valley  City,  ND

25.  London  Inn,  Eau  Claire,  WI

26.  The  Barn,  Eden Prairie,  MN

27.  Rainbow  Gardens,  Rice  Lake,  WI

28.  Air  Way  Bar,  Marshfield,  WI

August  1968

1.  National  Guard  Armory,  Wahpeton,  ND

2.  Memorial  Hall,  Rugby,  ND

3.  Tower  Teen  Center,  Austin,  MN

4.  Cobblestone  Ballroom,  Storm  Lake,  IA

7.  Someplace  Else,  Robbinsdale,  MN

8.  Hutchinson  National  Guard  Armory,  Hutchinson,  MN

9.  Crosby  Youth  Center,  Crosby,  MN

10. Casino  Royale,  Fridley,  MN

17. Roof Garden, Arnold’s Park, IA

Half  of  August  1968  Through  December  25, 1968

The  contracts  are  lost  and  the  job  dates  cannot  be  verified.

Most  likely  all  of  the  month’s  were  booked  pretty  full.

November  1968

23.  Pines  Ballroom,  Bloomer,  WI

December  1968

20.  Anoka  Armory,  Anoka,  MN

26.  Country  Club,  Jackson,  MN

January  1969

3.  Brainard  High  School,  Brainerd,  MN

5.  Magoo’s,  Minneapolis,  MN

9.  London  Inn,  Eau  Claire,  WI

10.  Proache’s  Ballroom,  Ellsworth,  WI

11.  City  Auditorium,  New  York  Mills,  MN

12.  Magoo’s,  Minneapolis,  MN

16.  Recording at  Micside  Studios   Minneapolis,  MN

17.  Kasperson  Ford,  Huron,  SD

18.  Park  Ballroom,  New  Prague,  MN

19.  Magoo’s,  Minneapolis,  MN

25.  St.  Alphonsus,  Brooklyn  Center,  MN

30.  London  Inn,  Eau  Claire,  WI

February  1969

1.  Carlton  College  (Salles  Hall),  Northfield,  MN

2.  Cobblestone  Ballroom,  Storm  Lake,  IA

6.  Will-Moore  School,  Bismark,  ND

7.  Club  Irving  Wildman,  St.  Cloud,  MN

8.  Buffalo  High  School,  Buffalo,  MN

14.  Macalester  College  Student  Union,  St.  Paul,  MN

15.  The  Parkway  Ballroom,  Foley,  MN

16.  St.  John  Viarney  School, Fairmont,  MN

23.  Labor  Temple w/ Procol  Harum   Minneapolis,  MN

March  1969

7.   Ryan’s  Ballroom,  Plymouth,  MN

13.  London  Inn,  Eau  Claire,  WI

14.  Armory,  Brookings,  SD

15.  Miners  Memorial  Arena,  Virginia,  MN

16.  Dania  Hall,  Minneapolis,  MN

22.  Parkway  Ballroom,  Foley,  MN

21.  Lea  College – Albert  House,  Albert  Lea,  MN

28.  Memorial  Building,  Devils  Lake,  ND

29.  Ballroom,  Granite  Falls,  MN

31.  Dania  Hall,  Minneapolis,  MN

April  1969

2.    ___________    Aberdeen,  SD

5.  Carlton  College,  Northfield,  MN

7.  St.  Mary’s  Central  High  School,  Bismark,  ND

11.  Armory,  Duluth,  MN

16.  St.  Johns  Church,  Minneapolis,  MN

18.  Benilde  High  School,  St.  Louis  Park,  MN

19.  Avalon  Ballroom,  Sandborn,  MN

20.  Dania  Hall,  Minneapolis,  MN

24.  London  Inn,  Eau  Claire,  WI

25.  The  Castaway  Club,  St.  Louis,  MO

26.  The  Castaway  Club,  St.  Louis,  MO

27.  The  Castaway  Club,  St.  Louis,  MO

29.  Recording at  Micside  Studios   Minneapolis,  MN

30.  Recording at  Micside  Studios    Minneapolis,  MN

May  1969

2.  New  Munich  Ballroom,  New  Munich,  MN

4.  Redwood  Falls  Armory,  Redwood  Falls,  MN

9.  Casino  Royale,  Fridley,  MN

10.  Rainbow  Gardens,  Rice  Lake,  WI

15.  London  Inn,  Eau  Claire,  WI

16.  Pines  Ballroom,  Bloomer,  WI

17.  Fargo  Civic  Auditorium  (3 pm  to  4 pm),  Fargo,  ND

17.  City  Hall    (9 pm  to  12 am),  New  York  Mills,  MN

18.  St.  Alphonsus,  Brooklyn  Center,  MN

23.  Magoo’s,  Minneapolis,  MN

24.  Sac  City  Roller  Rink,  Sac  City,  IA

27.  Bel Rae  Ballroom,   Moundsview,  MN

29.  Hutchinson  Armory,  Hutchinson,  MN

30.  Club  Irving  Wildman,  St.  Cloud,  MN

31.   Parkway  Ballroom,  Foley,  MN

June  1969

1.  Labor  Temple  w/ Albert  King   Minneapolis,  MN

6.  House of Edmond Chute,  Wayzata, MN  (Graduation Party:  1:00 am  to  4:00 am)

6.  Southwest  State  Junior College, Marshall,  MN  (7:30 pm to  8:45 pm)

7.  St.  Margaret  Mary’s Church  Cafeteria,  Minneapolis,  MN

9.  Miner’s  Memorial  Arena,  Virginia,  MN

10.  Oaks  Armory,  Oaks,  ND

11.  The  Blazer,  Nisswa,  MN

12.  Rainbow  Gardens,  Rice  Lake,  WI

13.  Pines  Ballroom,  Bloomer,  WI

14.  Redwood  Falls  Armory,  Redwood  Falls,  MN

16.  Recording all  Day  Micside  Studios   Minneapolis,  MN

17.  Recording all  Day  Micside  Studios   Minneapolis,  MN

18.  Recording Day  /  Magoo’s  at  Night,  Minneapolis,  MN

19.  Casino  Royale,  Fridley,  MN

21.  Sac  City  Roller  Rink,  Sac  City,  IA

24.  4-H  Building,  Perham,  MN

25.  Mayo  Civic  Auditorium,  Rochester,  MN

26.  Hutchinson  Armory,  Hutchinson,  MN

28.  Aquarius  and  The Park,  Kansas  City  ,  MO

July  1969

2.  Opened  Show  for  Canned  Heat  Colorado  Springs,  CO

4.  Albuquerque College,  Albuquerque,  NM

Most  of  July  1969 was spent waiting to open the Southwest  Creedence  Clearwater  Tour

The tour was cancelled after two weeks of waiting because of Creedence Clearwater Revival break up.

Tom Fogerty left CCR to start a new band:  The Blue Ridge Rangers

29.  Lectric  Theater    _________  ,  __

August  1969

1.  The  Blazer,  Nisswa,  MN

4.  Hibbing  Armory,  Hibbing,  MN

5.  Virginia  Armory,  Virginia,  MN

12.  Armory,  Minot,  ND

15.  Spearfish  Park  Pavilion,  Spearfish,  SD

16.  Pines  Ballroom,  Bloomer,  WI

17.  Cobblestone  Ballroom,  Storm  Lake,  IA

19.  Fairgrounds Main Stage,  Webster,  SD

22.  New  York  Mills  Auditorium,  New  York  Mills,  MN

23.  Old  Hayward,  Hayward ,  WI

29.  Edgeley  Armory,  Edgeley,  ND

30.  LRC  Pavilion,  Halstad,  MN

31.  The  Blazer,  Nisswa,  MN   Pete  Huber  plays  last  show  with  Jokers  Wild

September  1969

1.  Bill  Gent  New Drummer  starts  Dial  Studios    NE  Mpls,  MN

2.  Dial  Recording  Studios  Work  in  Bill  Gent       NE  Mpls,  MN

3.  Dial  Recording  Studios  Work  in  Bill  Gent        NE  Mpls,  MN

4.  Dial  Recording  Studios  Work  in  Bill  Gent        NE  Mpls,  MN

5.  Fergus  Falls  Armory,  Fergus  Falls,  MN

6.  Macalester  College  Student  Union,  St.  Paul,  MN

12.  Two  Harbors  Arena,  Two  Harbors,  MN

13.  National  Guard  Armory,  Duluth,  MN

19.  Miner’s  Memorial  Arena,  Virginia,  MN

20.  Lisbon  Park  Pavilion,  Lisbon,  ND

26.  Michigan  High  School  Gym,  Michigan,  ND

27.  Carlton  College,  Northfield,  MN

October  1969

3.  Breck  High  School Cafe,  Hopkins,  MN

10.  Farmington  High  School  Gym,  Farmington,  MN

11.  Biskay  Town  Hall,  Biskay,  MN

15.  National  Guard  Armory,  Duluth,  MN

16.  St.  Cloud  Armory,  St.  Cloud,  MN

17.  Youth  Center,  Hibbing,  MN

24.  Iowa  State  University  Union,  Ames,  IA

25.  Moose  Lake  High  School  Gym,  Moose  Lake,  IA

31.  Austin  Armory,  Austin,  MN

November  1969

7.  Albert  Lea  Community  Center,  Albert  Lea,  MN

15.  Nativity  of  Mary  Parish,  Minneapolis,  MN

16.  Cobblestone  Ballroom,  Storm  Lake,  IA

21.  U  of  M  Pioneer  Hall,  Minneapolis,  MN

22.  Duluth  Armory,  Duluth,  MN

24.  U  of  M  Coffman  Union,  Minneapolis,  MN

27.  Armory,  Minot,  ND

28.  Edgeley  Armory – KSJB  Radio,   Edgeley,  ND

29.  Jamestown  Armory – KSJB  Radio,  Jamestown,  ND

December  1969

5.  Red  Wing  High  School,  Red  Wing,  MN

12.  Humboldt  High  School,  St.  Paul,  MN

13.  Tower Teen Center,  Austin,  MN

19.  National  Guard  Armory,  Grand  Rapids,  MN

20.  National  Guard  Armory,  Virginia,  MN

27.  Wilmar  Armory,  Wilmar,  MN

Jokers  Wild  is  over  at  this  time  and  Flash  Tuesday  starts

Band tree

Jokers  Wild  1965  to  1969


Dave  Waggoner            Lead  Vocals            1965  to  1967

 The  Aardvarks

The  He – Too’s


The  South  40


Jack  Daniels  Band

Crow  featuring  Dave  Wagner

Whiskey  River



Gene  Balabon            Lead  Guitar  /  Vocals            1965  to  1966

The  Del  Gardo’s

The  Aardvarks

 The  He – Too’s



Denny  Johnson       Bass  Guitar  /  Vocals             1965  to  1969

Denny – Doug – Cliff – John


Flash  Tuesday

Mojo  Buford  Band

Lexy  Johnson  Band






Denny  Johnson  Group



Gold  Dust


Grand  Avenue

Crow  featuring  Dave  Wagner

JT  Silverstar


The  Bowery  Boys

The  Dick  Tracy  Band

The  Jonards

The  Litter

2nd  Generation  Band

The  Surf  Dawgs

340  Magnum



Pete  Huber                         Drums  /  Vocals                       1965  to  1969

The  Rugby’s

The Gremmies



Dave  “Kink” Middlemist           Rhythm  Guitar  /  Keyboards  /  Vocals     1965  to  1967

The  Cavalier’s


The  South  40



Bill  “George” Jordan         Lead  Guitar  /   Vocals       1967  to  1968

The  Family  Band


The  Blue  Lights


Bananza  House  Band

Chill  Hillman  Band

Georganne  Thorne  Band

Night  Train




The  Carolee  Band

Club  49  House  Band

Honky  Tonk  Hearts

Second  Generation

Swingin’  Country


Greg  “Squish” Springer             Keyboards  /  Vocals             1967  to  1968

The  Illusions


The  Litter



Lonnie  Knight         Lead  Guitar  /  Vocals          1967  to  1969

The  Castaways

The  Rave – ons


The  Litter

Flash  Tuesday

Mojo  Buford  Band

Lexy  Johnson  Band

Lonnie Knight  Solo

City  Mouse

Chad Mitchell  and Friends

The Knight  Henley  Band

Cowboy  Angels

Crow featuring Dave  Wagner


Wild  Horses

The  Neilsen – White  Band


Cocktail  Stevie & the Table  Rockers

Michael  Johnson  and  Friends

The  Lonnie  Knight  Band

The  Hoopsnakes

Blues  West  House  Band

Inn  Kahoots  House  Band

Lonnie  Knight  &  Big  Shoes

R nt  Solo

Lonnie  Knight  &  Reid  Papke

Knight – Papke – Sansby – Haberman

Smokin’ Section

Mosquito Schoals


Bill  Gent                               Drums  /  Vocals          1969  to  1970


Flash  Tuesday

Danny’s  Reasons


Peace  &  Quiet

Chocolate  Floon


Lois Lane


Where are they now?

Jokers  Wild        Where  Are  They  Now  ?  


Jokers  Wild  1965  to  1969


Dave  Waggoner        Lead  Vocals

Active  in  Music           Yes

Doing  What  ?………..   Lead  Singer  for  Crow  and  Touring


Gene  Balabon                Lead  Guitar  /  Vocals

Active  in  Music            No

Doing  What  ?…………   Passed  Away  In  2006


Denny  Johnson             Bass  Guitar  /  Vocals

Active  in  Music            Yes

Doing  What ?…………….Playing in 2 Bands,  Session Work,  MN Band History


Pete  Huber                   Drums  /  Vocals

Active  in  Music           No

Doing  What  ?………..   Retired,  living  in  Minnesota


Dave  “Kink” Middlemist        Rhythm  Guitar  /  Keyboards  /  Vocals 

Active  in  Music                      Yes

Doing  What  ?….. Playing Keyboards with Crow (reunion shows), living  in  Minnesota


Bill  “George” Jordan            Lead  Guitar  /   Vocals

Active  in  Music                    Yes

Doing  What  ?………………..   Playing  in  2  Bands  52  weeks  a  Year


Greg  “Squish” Springer       Keyboards  /  Vocals

Active  in  Music                    No

Doing  What  ?………………..   Retired  in  Southern  California


Lonnie  Knight                        Lead  Guitar  /  Vocals

Active  in  Music                     No

Doing  What  ?………………..   Passed away at age 68 on May 7, 2017. 

Lonnie was living in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the time of his passing.


Bill  Gent                                Drums  /  Vocals

Active  in  Music                   No

Doing  What  ?………………   Passed  Away  In  2002




Interview Cover ONE

Interview Part  ONE  –  Time  =  22:47

Interview Cover TWO

Interview Part TWO  –  Time  =  17:00

Interview Cover THREE

Interview Part  THREE  –  Time  =  20:16

Interview Cover FOUR

Interview Part  FOUR  –  Time  =  20:50

Interview Cover # 5

Interview  Part  FIVE  – Time =  11:22