High Spirits

Local band known for their recording of “(Turn on Your) Love Light” on the Soma record label




1963:  In the early part of the year, Doug Ahrens is playing drums with Mike and the Shadows.  In the band are Mike Judge (who will later play with The Chancellors) on rhythm guitar and vocals and Bob Folschow (who will later play with The Castaways) on lead guitar and vocals.  Doug and Bob are students at Southwest High School in Minneapolis.  Mike is a student at Richfield High School.  The group practices in the basement of the Judge residence in Richfield, a South suburb of Minneapolis.  The band plays mainly for school dances.

John (Jay) Luttio has been playing piano for most of his life and is playing piano in a group called The Vikings who become The Raiders once the Vikings football team arrives in Minnesota.  In the band are two classmates from Washburn High School: Mickey Belzer on guitar and Doug (“Froggy”) Nelson on drums and vocals (who will later play with Gregory Dee and the Avanties).  The band practices at the Belzer residence on Dupont Avenue South in Minneapolis and plays at high school dances, private parties, a local pizza joint called The Dragons Den, and the Judge Wright Talent Show.  The group plays mainly instrumentals including “Walk Don’t Run,” “Tequila” and “Wild Weekend” and Doug sings on a number of songs including “What’d I Say” by Ray Charles.

In the summer, Cliff Siegel and Owen Husney are working as trainee camp counselors at Tikvah Camp in Aiken, Minnesota and while there they experience a group of strolling musicians who come through the camp to entertain the youth and the staff. The strolling musicians have a big impact on Owen and he decides he wants to be a guitar player.   Years earlier (1956) Owen had a prior musical experience that also impacted him when he heard “The Wayward Wind” by Gogi Grant and the song stuck in his mind for weeks as he went over and over the arrangements of the various parts (vocals, strings, horns).

Back home from camp, Owen sells his clarinet and buys a Silvertone guitar and an amplifier and learns how to play it on his own.  Owen and Randy Resnick put together a new band called  The Rivieras with Owen on guitar, Randy on guitar, Larry Berle on guitar, and Mark Rosen on drums.  The band plays all instrumentals and practices in the basement of the Berle residence.  Mick Mock takes over on drums after Mark Rosen.  The band only plays a few times in public and come to an end after four or five months.

1964:  Rick Levinson is a student at St. Louis Park High School and attends a Beach Boys concert held at the Minneapolis Armory.  At the concert, Rick becomes mesmerized by the various guitars in the bands, in particular Carl Wilson’s white Fender Jaguar with a tortoise shell pick guard.  Rick has played chords on his guitar at home for years but has only played in public on one occasion… at a junior high talent show with two singers.  Rick eventually buys a white Fender Jaguar guitar at B-Sharp Music beginning his business relationship with the store and the store owner, Jim Lopes.  Over the next few years, Rick will purchase a sunburst Gibson 335 and the very first six-string Rickenbaker (blond) delivered to B-Sharp Music. 

Cliff buys a drum set from Dahlgren’s Drum Shop and takes drum lessons from Mike Pendergast.

In the early spring, Rick gets a call from Cliff informing him that Cliff is learning how to play drums and understands that Rick knows how to play guitar and Cliff would like to put a new band together.  Rick goes over to Cliff’s house on Louisiana Avenue in St. Louis Park that very night and the two jam together.  They discover they both like rock’n’toll music and decide to move forward with the new band idea.

Rick Levinson finds out from classmate David Rivkin (from the Chancellors) that Owen Husney plays lead guitar and might be interested in playing in a band.  Owen now has a used Fender Jazzmaster (metallic medium light powder blue with a white pick guard) that he has refurbished.  Rick contacts Owen and arranges for a jam session at the Husney residence on Vernon Avenue in St. Louis Park.  Rick, Cliff, and Owen practice a few times in Owen’s basement.  Rather quickly, Cliff decides he is not cut out to be a drummer and is thinking he may be more suited for the role of lead singer.  Rick and Owen agree with Cliff and think he has the right personality to front the new band.

Doug Nelson leaves The Raiders to join Gregory Dee and the Avanties.  John Luttio is now looking for the right group to join or start up a new band.   John plays some solo piano gigs with various groups including The Chancellors as the backup band for Jan and Dean at Danceland in Excelsior.

Mike and the Shadows comes to an end and Doug Ahrens teams up with John Luttio and the two put together various groups of musicians (including Lonnie Knight) to play for parties and dances at VFW’s and Legion Halls, a number of which are fraternity and sorority parties.

Summer, 1964:  Rick Levinson asks David Rivkin if he knows of a drummer that might work out for the new band.  David suggests Doug Ahrens.  Doug shows up for an audition – jam session at the Levinson residence on West 25th Street in St. Louis Park and Doug is considered to be a good fit for the group.  After Doug is on board with the band, he informs the other band members about John Luttio and the next band practice is held at John Luttio’s house on Blaisdell Avenue South in Minneapolis.   John plays on an upright acoustic piano amplified by two microphones and the session goes well, so John is hired on as a keyboard player.

Now the band needs to find a bass guitar player.  The group decides to post a notice on the bulletin board at B-Sharp Music for a bass guitar player and Tim Millett responds and becomes the first bass guitar player for the new band.  Tim is older than the other guys and is just out of the military service.

In June, Cliff Siegel graduates from St. Louis Park High School.  One of his graduation gifts is a $5.00 gift certificate for Powers Department Store.  Cliff goes to the store in downtown Minneapolis with plans to purchase a record album: Jerry Lee Lewis’ Greatest Hits.  While at the store in the record department, Cliff takes note of an album by a new British band called The Rolling Stones.  Cliff had read an article about the “up and coming” British band in the local newspaper and has a change of plans and decides to buy the Rolling Stones album.  Back home with the new album, Cliff learns all the words to every song on the album.

Fall, 1964:  The first version of the band comes together with the following lineup: Cliff Siegel on lead vocals; Owen Husney on lead guitar; Rick Levinson on rhythm guitar; John Luttio on keyboards, Tim Millett on bass guitar; and Doug Ahrens on drums.  Cliff Siegel uses the stage name Little Clifford Stone.  Cliff is from St. Louis Park High (Class of 64); Owen is from St. Louis Park High (Class of 65); Rick Levinson is from St. Louis Park High (Class of 66); Doug is from Southwest High (Class of 65); and John Luttio is from Washburn High (Class of 65).

The group struggles to come up with a band name and eventually come up with The Illusions.    By the next practice session the group decides the new band name needs to be changed.

Ruth Levinson (Rick’s mother) comes up with a suggestion for a new band name, The High Spirits.  Ruth Levinson was aware of a Broadway played called High Spirits and after a band practice one day she commented that the band members always seemed to be in “high spirits” when they were together. The band members like the name High Spirits and decided to use the name for their band.

The band learns to play popular dance songs by Chuck Berry, Little Richard and others and also learn some of the very early British Invasion songs by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Animals, The Kinks, Them, and others. 

Rick London, manager of Record Lane in St. Louis Park (Knollwood Plaza) is the manager of the band and also books the band.

The band plays at the St. Louis Park Community Center and for Fraternity and Sorority parties at the University of Minnesota.

The High Spirits play at St. Louis Park High School for a homecoming dance.  The band goes over very well despite dire warnings (and threats) made to Owen from fellow students who predicted a bad outcome for Owen and the band.

April, 1965:  Tim Willett leaves the band and they need to find a bass guitar player.  This time when Rick Levinson asks David Rivkin about locating another musician, David does not know of a bass guitar player looking for work.  Randy Resnick, a friend of Owen Husney, knows that the High Spirits are looking for a new bass player and suggests to Rick Beresford one night at Mr. Lucky’s that he consider joining the new band.  Rick is playing in The Vigilante’s with Bob Cohen, Randy Resnick, and Jim Matteson.  Rick contacts Owen and Rick Beresford plays two or three practice sessions with the band and then plays his first public job with the band at St. Michael, Minnesota.  During one of the breaks, Rick Levinson tells Rick Beresford that he has the job as the new bass guitar player.  Rick also sings backing vocals.  Rick is from Edina High (Class of 66).

Rick London has the band play a promo gig at the Record Lane Music Store in Knollwood Plaza.

May 7, 1965:  The band goes into Kay Bank Recording Studios in Minneapolis for a four  hour session and records two songs for their first 45.  The A-side is “(Turn on Your) Love Light” (Bobby Bland) and the B-side is “Tossin’ and Turnin’ (Bobby Lewis).  Rick London is the producer for the session.  Singing background vocals on “Love Light” are Rick Beresford, John Luttio, David Rivkin, and Gary Levinson (Rick’s brother).  David and Gary had stopped by to observe the session, but heard some places in the background that they thought could be improved with additional backing vocals.  The A-side takes up the vast majority of the studio time leaving only 10 to 15 minutes to record the B-side.  The band rushes to finish the B-side (in one take) rather than spending additional money to buy another hour of studio time.

Summer, 1965:  The High Spirit’s first 45 is released on the local Soma label.  The record receives extensive airplay on both WDGY and KDWB in the Twin Cities and also gets airplay in other markets including: Kansas City, Kansas; Denver, Colorado; Dallas, Texas; and San Jose, California.

Doug Ahrens and Rick Beresford first hear “Love Light” by The High Spirits on the local radio when they are driving around Lake Calhoun.

Rick Levinson and John Luttio first heard “Love Light” when they are driving in a convertible sports car on their way to B-Sharp Music Store.  They come to a stop sign and a car stopped right next to them has their song playing also, tuned to the same radio station.

Owen Husney first hears “Love Light” when he is parked at Porky’s on West Lake Street in Minneapolis (a drive-in restaurant) in their band vehicle, a 1962 Ford Econoline Van.  The van has a recent paint job courtesy of B-Sharp Music who have their store name painted on the side of the van.  The band purchases all their musical equipment at B-Sharp Music Store in Minneapolis.  The band members play on the following equipment:

Owen Husney: Fender Jazzmaster

Rick Levinson: Fender Jaguar

Rick Beresford: 1962 Fender Precision bass guitar played through a Fender Bassman amp head and a Dual Showman cabinet.

John Luttio: Farfisa

Doug Ahrens: Gretsch 4 piece – copper finish.

The band and Rick London part ways and Path Productions (Dick Shapiro and Ira Heilicher) starts booking the group.  With a hit record the band is able to get plenty of jobs and also make more money for their jobs.   

Owen Husney and Rick Levinson share the job of managing the band and taking care of the business matters involved with the band.

The British invasion not only brings British music to the United States, it also brings along a whole new fashion scene.  The band members buy their stage clothes at The Arcade in downtown Minneapolis, a shop that specializes in the new British clothing.  The first set of matching stage outfits included long sleeved Paisley shirts with with white collars and cuffs and dark blue vests.

In Minnesota the band plays at Big Reggie’s Danceland in Excelsior, the Marian KC Hall in Bloomington, Wakota Arena in South St. Paul, Schlief’s Little City and Bobby’s in Mendota Heights, Mr. Lucky’s, Dayton’s Auditorium, and Marigold Ballroom in Minneapolis, Paradise Ballroom in Waconia, Prom Center in St. Paul, Jordan Teen Center, Austin Ballroom, Duluth Armory.  In addition, the band plays at the Teen Fair held every summer at the Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul.

In Wisconsin the band plays in Frederick, LBJ Ballrooms, Rice Lake, and Spooner.

In Iowa, the band plays at the Bel Air Ballrooms.

The band travels to Kansas City on several occasions… two of the trips were in August and October, 1965.

The band trades in the red Ford Econoline Van for a government surplus OD (Olive Drab) green shuttle bus complete with a flashing red police-type light mounted on the roof.

The band plays for an all night party at St. Louis Park High School.

Path Productions comes to an end and Dick Shapiro moves over to Central Booking Alliance.  The High Spirits are now booked through Central Booking.  Dick Shapiro remains their booking agent.

January 12, 1966:  The band returns to Kay Bank to record their second 45.  The two songs are “I Believe” (Rick Levinson) and “Bright Lights, Big City” (Jimmy Reed).  Ira Heilicher produces the two songs.  The 45 is released on the Soma label.  The band’s second 45 receives airplay on the local Top-40 stations (WDGY and KDWB), however the record is not as popular as their first 45.

Spring, 1966: Rick Levinson leaves the band and Bob Cohen joins the group on guitar.  Bob is a graduate of Robbinsdale High (Class of 66).  Owen and Bob trade off on lead guitar.  Bob has a wireless transmitter for his guitar (long before they became popular with guitar players).

October, 1966: Rick Beresford leaves the band and Frank Prout (from Gregory Dee and the Avanties) joins the band on bass guitar.

1967: Doug Ahrens leaves the band for military service and Brad Berguson joins the group on drums.

Bob Cohen leaves the band and David Rivkin (from The Chancellors) joins the group on guitar.

The final version of the band is: Cliff Siegel on lead vocals; David Rivkin on guitar (and bass guitar); Owen Husney on guitar (and bass guitar); John Luttio on keyboards; and Brad Berguson in drums.  Owen and David switch back and forth on the bass guitar.

This version of the band plays more progressive and psychedelic material including songs by the following artists: Spencer Davis Group; Cream; Jimi Hendrix; The Who; The Doors; and Buffalo Springfield.

The band plays for the grand opening of the new Hullabaloo Club on Excelsior Boulevard in St. Louis Park.  Other venues this version of the band play at include: New City Opera House; Magoo’s; Bimbo’s, the Purple Barn, the Purple Cigar; Someplace Else; Aldrich Arena; Wakota Arena; The Prison, and the Bel-Rae Ballroom.

July, 1968:  The band plays their final job at the Tower Teen Center in Austin, Minnesota, as Cliff is headed off for military service. The High Spirits come to an end. 


Band Stories (from Doug):

Playing with The Remo 4 at Dayton’s Auditorium

The High Spirits play a job at Dayton’s Top Ten Club with The Remo 4, a British band that was fairly unknown in the United States, there only chart song, a remake of “Peter Gunn” (Henry Mancini).  After the show, members of the High Spirits walked along LaSalle Avenue with the members of the British band, heading over to the Marigold Ballroom.  The UK group wanted to check out some local bands while in town.  Along the way, Colin Manley (lead singer and guitar) for The Remo 4 turned to The High Spirits and asked them: “Why do you American bands wanted to play British music and imitate bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones?”  Doug Ahrens responded to Colin: “The Beatles, Stones, and Animals are the thing in Top-40 charts and the songs people want to hear and dance to… which is why Dayton’s booked your band.”  Colin informed Doug “We can’t understand why your bands would play British rock when you have the best music right here.  All we (the Britt’s) are trying to do, is our best imitation and interpretation of your American music…and we aren’t always that good at it.  It’s just our attempt to imitate American blues like Howlin’ Wolf, James Brown or rock originals like Buddy Holly or Elvis.  Our music just sounds that way because we are British. “

A long, cold trip from Bismark, North Dakota to Minneapolis, Minnesota

After a job in Bismark, North Dakota, Cliff, John and Doug decided to drive through the night to get back to Minnesota in order to make it to classes at the University of Minnesota on Monday.  Leaving Bismark at 1:30 in the morning, the three band members did not know it was 40 degrees below zero and that right after they left town, the Highway Patrol closed the highway due to the extreme weather.  A piece of cardboard inserted in front of the radiator had no impact on the temperature gauge inside the vehicle which never budged off the bottom during the 426 miles trip.  John wore bunny boots so he was selected to be the driver.  Cliff never left a sleeping bag in the back.  Doug lost all feeling in his feet.  During the entire trip the group did not encounter a single vehicle or open business until the sun started to rise.  The van, running on empty barely made it across the border into Minnesota.  The group pulled into a gas station where the employee’s were quite shocked to see anyone who had made the drive from Bismark and informed the three band members that the highway had been closed all night.

Cliff accused of stealing silverware in Kansas City

On a trip to Kansas City in the green shuttle bus (after Rick Beresford had left the band) the group stops in at a steak and rib house for a meal.  After a meal of ribs, Cliff rolls up the extra ribs in some napkins and takes them out to the bus.  Someone in the restaurant had observed Cliff doing this but thought he was wrapping up silverware and stealing it… and reported the incident to the police.  Out in the parking lot, the band is met by a number of squad cars with their headlights shining on the band bus.  Doug, eager to confront the police about the mistake is quickly ushered on to the bus by other band members.  Cliff shows the police officers his napkins with the ribs wrapped up inside.  With the misunderstanding cleared up, the band is cleared to move on.

A bad trip through a car lot

One night Cliff is driving the shuttle bus and decides to change directions and cuts through a car lot.  This causes a problem, as the red light on top of the bus snags some electrical wires with lights used to decorate the parking lot.  The sound of breaking light bulbs alerts the group that something is going wrong.

The talking Myna bird

At the Husney residence, a pet Myna bird is able to imitate the voice of Owen’s mother so well that no one in the band can tell the two apart.  This results in some funny experiences.

A party house in South Minneapolis

For a time period, the band rented out the main level of a duplex located on Dupont Avenue South (near 26th Street) in Minneapolis.  A number of other local bands had band houses in the nearby area.  This resulted in numerous parties at the house.


Some people, musicians or friends of local bands, would open their homes up for band members to hang out after band jobs and decompress by talking with musicians from other bands about music.  The chat sessions would often last until the sun came up.

Dangers in playing out of town

When playing out of town and having long hair, a band can run into trouble fairly easily.  At an out of town job, it became known to a few jealous boyfriends, that their girlfriends had partied with The High Spirits.  When confronted by their boyfriends, the girls blamed the band.  At another job located in the hometown of the jealous boyfriends, the entire town turned out to “welcome” The High Spirits.  Thanks to the roadies, the gear was loaded up very quickly after the show and the band members left town safely thanks to a fast moving Oldsmobile Rocket 88.

Band Stories (from Cliff):

No band uniforms – no job… almost

Arriving at Jewitt’s Point in Faribault (on Cannon Lake) to play a job, the band is ready to start playing when the owner (Nate) confronts the band and informs them that they cannot play the job unless they put on their uniforms.  The members inform Nate they do not have any uniforms (matching stage clothes) to wear.  Nate’s wife (aware of the growing audience there to see the group) intervenes on behalf of the band and convinces her husband to let the band play even though they don’t have the standard required uniforms.

Target practice… ooops…. no electricity in the ballroom

The band traveled with guns on long trips, which provided a break from the long hours in the band vehicle.  The guys would stop when out in the country and shoot at various targets.  On a trip to Fairmount to play a job, the band members were close to the job and saw what appeared to be an old electric sign no longer being used.  After nailing the sign with a number of rounds, the club owner where the band was booked drove over to the guys and asked what they were doing.  It turned out that the ballroom got its electricity through a connection in the sign and now had no electrical power.  Since the show must go on, the club owner rented a portable electric generator and the band played the job.

Brad Berguson…. karate champion

After playing a job at a Catholic Girls School, the band members are confronted by a gang that has a strong dislike of the band.  Brad Berguson confronts the gang leader and with a couple of karate moves and takes down the leader and the gang takes off.  The band members were impressed with Brad, who had always spoke about his karate skills, but had never demonstrated his moves to the group.

Train ride to Kansas City

While taking the train to a job in Kansas City, the band discovers the train is packed full of guys in the Navy.

Hitchhiking back to Rochester after a job

After a job in Rochester, the band is on a bus going back to the twin cities.  Outside of Rochester on the bus, the guys recall that there were quite a few female fans at the job and decide to exit the bus and hitch hike back to Rochester.

Trying to drive to a job in Hudson, Wisconsin…this might be the place… ooops, not quite there

During a winter snow storm, the band is traveling from the Twin Cities to Hudson, Wisconsin to play a job.  There are numerous roadblocks in Minneapolis due to the construction of the new Interstate 94.  After driving around for 45 minutes, the band spots a large group of lights and think the lights are Hudson, Wisconsin.   They pull into the area with the lights and discover they are in the Sears parking lot on East Lake Street in Minneapolis.  The band did finally make it to the job in Hudson.

Band Stories (from Owen): 

From Chicken Delight to a local rock star… all in one night

After playing a job at Lake Harriet that was televised, Owen reports to his part time job at Chicken Delight.  While delivering an order to a home, two girls start to talk with him.  One of the girls asks him if by any chance he was playing in a band that was on television earlier that night.  Owen tells the girl no, it was not him and returns to Chicken Delight where he is told is running late by his boss.  Owen flings his Chicken Delight hat at his boss (it hits him in the face) and informs him, “I am a star… I will never do this again.”  Owen’s job at Chicken Delight (“Why cook tonight…call Chicken Delight”) comes to an end.

Band Stories (from Rick Levinson): 

On “Love Light” by The High Spirits being a hit record

“We found a sweet spot for it.  People liked the organ.  We changed it from the original.  We had a different rhythm, a different tonality, a different phrasing…. and Cliff changed some of the words.  We used the organ instead of the horns.”

On having a hit record and a popular band

“We rode the wave of fun through the summer of 1965 into the Fall.  We weren’t really into politics at that time.

On the reality of making it big in a band

“At some point I saw we were not going to the next level and I planned on leaving the band and going into college.”


High Spirits Song List

Around and Around (Rolling Stones)

Bright Lights, Big City (Jimmy Reed)

Boom Boom (Animals – John Lee Hooker)

Can I Get a Witness (Rolling Stones – Marvin Gaye)

Can’t Explain (The Who)

Down the Road Apiece (Rolling Stones)

Feel a Whole Lot Better (Byrds)

Girl (Beatles)

Gloria (Them)

Hallelujah I Still Love Her So (Animals – Ray Charles)

I Ain’t Got You (Yardbirds – Jimmy Reed)

I Believe (High Spirits)

I Feel Fine (Beatles)

I Saw Her Standing There (Beatles)

I’m Cryin’ (Animals)

It’s All Over Now (Rolling Stones)

Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry)

Jolly Green Giant (Kingsmen)

Light My Fire (Doors)

Matchbox (Carl Perkins)

My Generation (The Who)

Roll Over Beethoven (Chuck Berry)

Route 66 (Rolling Stones – Chuck Berry)

She’s Not There (Zombies)

Spider and the Fly (Rolling Stones)

Substitute (The Who)

Summer in the City (Lovin’ Spoonful)

The Last Time (Rolling Stones)

The Letter (Box Tops)

Tossin’ and Turnin’ (Bobby Lewis)

Turn on Your Love Light (Bobby Blue Bland)

Twist and Shout (Beatles – Isley Brothers)

We Gotta Get Out of This Place (Animals)

You Can’t Do That (Beatles)

You Really Got Me (Kinks)




In the fall of 1982, The High Spirits played their first reunion show, held at the Medina Ballroom with a number of other local 1960’s rock bands.  Playing at the show were: Cliff Siegel; Owen Husney; John Luttio; Doug Ahrens; Rick Beresford (on rhythm guitar), and Nick St. Nicholas (formerly with Steppenwolf) on bass guitar.

In the 1990’s the band played a number of reunion shows (including the Mill City Music Festival) with various local bands from the 1960’s and 1970’s, held at various venues including The Fine Line Music Café and The Cabooze, both in Minneapolis.

In 1995 The High Spirits were included on a double CD called The Soma Records Story released by local Simitar Music Company.  The band was also included on a series of vinyl albums with the same name.  A photo of the band playing live was used on the front jacket cover of one of the albums.  The photo is of the band playing at The Wakota Arena in South St. Paul.    

In May, 2006, the band (with all six original members) was inducted into the Rock-Country Hall of Fame at a ceremony held at the Medina Ballroom.

In August, 2014 the band reported that they had recorded a number of songs at Dove Recording Studio in Bloomington that were never released.   The songs are as follows:

“Pipe Dream” (Blues Magoos)

“I Can’t Keep From Cryin’” (Al Cooper)

“Shake” (Sam Cooke)

“In Good Time” (Beau Brummels) 


Written by Tom Campbell

Version 1: May 5, 2014

Version 2: May 6, 2014

Version 3: August 2, 2014

Version 4: August 17, 2014

Version 5: August 23, 2014

Version 6: September 18, 2014

Version 7: October 15, 2014

Version 8: August 22, 2015

Copyright by Thomas R. Campbell, 2015


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Vigilantes PhotoAirport Photo

Central Booking - Ski RampLive Following Photo

Hear Their Hit Record PjhotoHigh Spirits & Vigilantes COLAUGE

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Live Photo - 2Fan Club News - ad - WDGY

Date With Dino ShowVan Photo

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Turn on Your Love Light 45 Sheet

Turn  On  Your  Lovelight  –  Time  =  3:03

Tossin’  and  Turnin’  –  Time  =  2:32


I Believe 45 Sheet

I  Believe  –  Time  =  2:27

 Bright  Lights  Big  City  –  Time  =  2:49




Owen Husney 

The Rivieras

High Spirits  


Lauren Siegel        

High Spirits


Rick Levinson       

High Spirits 

Doctor Rock


Doug Ahrens 

Mike and the Judges

Doug and Jay (Jay Luttio) and others

High Spirits

Jazz Trio

High Spirits (different version)


Jay Luttio 

Vikings – Raiders

Doug and Jay (Doug Ahrens)

High Spirits


Rick Beresford         

Silvertones  (Alexandria, Minnesota)



High Spirits 

Rick, Bill, Tom, and Jeff  (Bill Swanson, Tom Hopp, Jeff Hawthorne)

Quaker Oafs

High Spirits (different version)

Worship Band

The Ringers (with Tommy Nystrom)

Blues Benders  (with two of his sons)

Solo Artist  (folk, rock, pop)



Where are they now?

Owen Husney: Working in the music business, living in California.

Lauren Siegel: Playing in reunion shows, living in Minnesota.

Rick Levinson: Playing in reunion shows, living in Minnesota.

Doug Aherns: Playing in reunion shows, living in Minnesota.

Jay Luttio: Playing in reunion shows, living in Minnesota.

Rick Beresford: Playing reunion shows and solo artist, living in Minnesota.




Interview PART ONE

Interview Cover - 1

Interview  Part  ONE  –  Time  =  21:40


Interview Cover - 2

Interview Part TWO  –  Time  =  21:42


Interview Cover - 3

Interview Part THREE  –  Time  =  21:03


I nterview Cover - 4

Interview Part FOUR  –  Time  =  21:45


Interview Cover - 5

Interview  Part  FIVE  –  Time  =  23:04




Owen, Doug, Lauren, Jay, Rick L, Rick B      Interview at Sunrise Sound 08/29/2015


Band Interview                                                  Band with Denny Johnson & Wes Hayne