Cookiefoot “Tubin’ in Somerset”

A promotional song for Apple River fun



David Anthony (known  for  Great  Ideas  both  in  working  with  bands  and  promoting) lives  in  Somerset, Wisconsin. While  watching  all  the  floaters  on  the  Apple  River, he comes  up  with  the  idea  of  doing  a  song  to  promote  the  “Tubing”  in  Inner  tubes  on  the Apple  River  So…

January, 1972: Denny  Johnson is approached by David Anthony to write and record a promotion song  for the summer tubing industry, located in Somerset Wisconsin’s riverfront  park area, just across the border from Minnesota.

Spring, 1972: Denny goes into Audio-tek  Recording Studio, along with Robby Belleville, Lonnie Knight, Bill Swanson and Chuck Edwards and record “Tubin’ In Somerset” and the B-Side to the 45,  “Gathering Time”,  an Instrumental  song.  Both songs are written by Denny Johnson.

June, 1972: “Tubin’ In Somerset” is released on MSP International, a label run by Denny and David Anthony.  The record needs a band name and Denny, while watching  TV, hears  the name Captain Cookiefoot on a Captain Crunch commercial and decides to use the name  Cookiefoot.

The Band only played one job, a promo party for the riverfront park area, held at Archies Bar in Somerset, Wisconsin.

A record release party is held at Float-Rite Park in Wisconsin and numerous music industry professionals attend.  The song  gets airplay in Wisconsin and some airplay in Minnesota.  Just by coincidence, Charles Kuralt  from CBS television stops in the town and attends the promo party and this results in the song being featured on his weekly CBS TV Show, “On the Road with Charles Kuralt”.


  Recordings – CDs

Tubin’ in Somerset – From the Cookiefoot – Audio-Tek Sessions  CD – Peak  Records  16031

Gathering Time – From the Cookiefoot – Audio-Tek Sessions  CD – Peak  Records  16031



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