The Rave-Ons

(and The Knights)

1962 to 1967

1962: A group of students at Richfield High School form a basement band (Cats and His Confederates), the lineup is: Chris Katsamedus on guitar and vocals; Dick Wiegand on guitar; Larry Wiegand on bass guitar; and Dick Thomas on drums.  The band never performs in public.The band changes names to The Knights and play at frat parties and pizza places.  The band does all instrumental songs including covers by The Ventures and Duane Eddy.

Dick Thomas leaves the band for military service and is replaced by Skip Kovacs on drums.  Chris leaves the band for military service and is replaced by Lonnie Knight on guitar.

1963: Robbie Hardell joins the band on lead vocals.  Robbie had been with a band called Robbie and the Rave-Ons, so the band uses the same name.  With a lead singer, the band now does cover songs by Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Elvis, Eddie Cochran and Hank Williams.

1964: Skip leaves the band for military service and is replaced by Harry Nehls on drums.  Robbie leaves the band for military service and is replaced by Lonnie Knight and guitar and vocals.  With Robbie gone, the band becomes The Rave-Ons.  The lineup is now: Lonnie Knight on guitar and vocals; Dick Wiegand on guitar and vocals; Larry Wiegand on bass guitar and vocals; and Harry Nehls on drums and vocals.

The band now plays at local high school dances and at the Bloomington Roller Rink, Mister Lucky’s, the Marion Hall, the Marigold Ballroom, the Prom Ballroom, Bobby’s and Schlief’s Little City.  The band also plays out state jobs in Arlington, Gaylord, Glencoe, New Munich, Nisswa and Duluth.   In Wisconsin the bands plays at the Frederick Rec Hall, Proaches Popular Ballroom in Ellsworth and The Pines Ballroom in Bloomer.  With the band members still in high school, all of the out state jobs and Wisconsin jobs are played on weekends only.

With the arrival of The Beatles and the British Invasion, the band adds cover tunes to their song list by The Rolling Stones (“Little Red Rooster” and “It’s All Over Now”) and The Kinks (“You Really Got Me” and “All Day and All of the Night”).  The band also plays a number of songs by The Yardbirds.  The band begins to change their appearance, now growing their hair longer and wearing more dressier clothes.

Late, 1964: The band talks to record producer George Garrett at his record store at Nicollet Avenue and Lake Street, Nic’o’Lake Records, as the group wants to do some recording.  George records three songs with the band at Kay Bank: “Everybody Tells Me,” “I Want You to Love Me” and a version of “Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter” (Herman’s Hermits).  The first two songs are released on the Twin Town label, one of Garrett’s numerous record labels.  “Everybody Tells Me” gets airplay on the local radio stations.

1965: The band records their second 45 with George Garrett (also at Kay Bank): “Whenever” backed with “Love Pill.”  “Whenever” gets airplay on the local radio stations.   “Love Pill’ is a cover song originally recorded by The Rivingtons.

August 7, 1966: The Rave-Ons open up a concert for The Yardbirds at Maple Lake Pavilion in Mentor, Minnesota.

Summer, 1966: The band records their third 45 with George Garrett, this time in his basement recording studio located at Nic’O’Lake Records : “The Line” backed with “Baby Don’t Love Me.”  The A-side originates from George Garrett who has seen local teens doing “line dances” at the local clubs. This 45 is released on Garrett’s Re-Car label.

Fall, 1966: David Anthony takes the band  into Dove Recording Studio in Bloomington and they record four original songs and one cover song.  The original songs are: “I’ll Come Back to You,” (Lonnie Knight); “What’s His Name Today” (Lonnie Knight); “I Hope She Comes” (Larry Wiegand); and “If I Loved You” (Lonnie Knight).    The cover song is “I’m Talking about You,” a Chuck Berry song.  No records are pressed from this session.  Each band member receives one copy of an acetate of the five songs.

March, 1967: Due to differences in musical directions and due to David Anthony Productions looking to put together a new band (South 40), The Rave-Ons come to an end.



In 2011 Larry Wiegand reports The Rave-Ons were playing at Marion Hall in Bloomington on the night The Rolling Stones played at Danceland in Excelsior. Larry said The Rave-Ons drew a crowd of roughly 500, at least double the crowd size for The Stones (estimates vary from 150 to 250).  Some of the people at The Stones concert went to see The Rave-Ons after the concert in Excelsior.  Larry reports the recording of “Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter” was never released and no copy of the song is known to exist.


In 2011, Lonnie Knight reports he was the singer for the Rave-Ons in 1964, due to the fact that he had borrowed a microphone from Roy Hensley of The Castaways.  Lonnie played with The Castaways prior to joining The Rave-Ons. No one else in the band had a microphone.  Lonnie reports that he played a 12 string Electric Guild guitar on the songs recorded at Dove in 1966.






I Want You To Love Me (45)


Whenever (45)

Love  Pill


The Line (45)


Whats His Name Today – (Unreleased)

I  Hope  She  Comes

If  I  Loved  You

Talkin’  Bout  You


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Rave-Ons                                    BAND  TREE  


Rave-Ons  1963  to  1967


Robbie  Hardell Robbie  and  the  Rave-Ons

Guitar  /  Vocals                                                   Rave-Ons

1963  to  1964                                                       


Dick  Wiegand                Lead  Guitar  /  Vocals                1963  to  1967


Cats and his Confederates

The  Knight’s


South  40




The  Other  Brothers


Larry  Wiegand                Bass  Guitar  /  Vocals           1963  to  1967


Cats and his Confederates

The Knights


South  40



Pacific  Gas  &  Electric


Bobby  Vee  Group

Double  Nickles

617  Band

Joyce  Everson  Group


Kevin  Odegard  Band

7th Wave

One  World

Willie  Walker  Band

Corey  Stevens  Band

The  Other  Brothers

Lisa  Weinger

Joe  Juliano’s  Band


Skip  Kovacs              Drums            1963  to  1964


The  Knights



Harry  Nehls               Drums  /  Vocals               1964  to  1967

The  Pendletons

The  Crestmen     


 South  40

TC  Atlantic

Freeman  Nehls & The Other Brothers


Lonnie  Knight              Rhythm  Guitar  /  Vocals           1964  to  1967


The  Castaways


Jokers  Wild

The  Litter

Flash  Tuesday

Mojo  Buford  Band

Lexy  Johnson  Band

Lonnie Knight  Solo

City  Mouse

Chad Mitchell  and Friends

The Knight  Henley  Band

Cowboy  Angels

Crow  featuring  Dave  Wagner


Wild  Horses

The  Neilsen – White  Band


Cocktail  Stevie & the Table  Rockers

Michael  Johnson  and  Friends

The  Lonnie  Knight  Band

The  Hoopsnakes

Blues  West  House  Band

Inn  Kahoots  House  Band

Lonnie  Knight  &  Big  Shoes

R nt  Solo

Lonnie  Knight  &  Reid  Papke

Knight – Papke – Sansby – Haberman


Where are they now?

Rave-Ons                 Where  Are  They  Now  ?  


Rave-Ons    1963  to  1967


Robbie  Hardell                Guitar  /  Vocals

Active  in  Music           NO…………….   Living  in  Minnesota


Dick  Wiegand           Lead  Guitar  /  Vocals

Active  in  Music            Yes…………..   Jobbing  in  Bands


Larry  Wiegand                 Bass  Guitar  /  Vocals

Active  in  Music              Yes… Studio  Session  Work  –  Jobbing  in  Bands


Lonnie  Knight           Guitar  /  Vocals

Lonnie passed away at age 68 on May 7, 2017 

He was living in Minneapolis, MN at the time of his passing


Skip  Kovacs                 Drums  /  Vocals

Active  in  Music          No……………..  Living  in  Minnesota


Harry  Nehls              Drums  /  Vocals

Active  in  MusiC       Yes ………………  Writing  &  Recording  Career



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