Christopher (and more)

Four groups with related players


Christopher  /  Cookiefoot /
Traktor  and  The Rock N Roll Generation Band

January, 1972 – The band Bullet has personel changes and replaces Bill Strandlof with Chuck Edwards on lead guitar and vocals and comes up with a new name, Christopher
The new line-up is Bill Swanson on Guitar / Keyboards and Vocals, Chuck Edwards on Lead Guitar and Vocals, Denny Johnson on Bass Guitar and Vocals and Robby Belleville on Drums.
Christopher plays Eddy Webster’s Supper Club upstairs Lounge for half of January and all of  February, in March they become the House Band at The Bull Pen Bar in downtown Hopkins, MN a 6 night a week gig and plays their until June 1972

Also  January, 1972: Denny  Johnson is approached by David Anthony to write and record a promotion song  for the summer tubing industry, located in Somerset Wisconsin’s riverfront  park area, just across the border from Minnesota.

Spring, 1972: Denny goes into Audio-tek  Recording Studio, along with Robby Belleville, Lonnie Knight, Bill Swanson and Chuck Edwards and record “Tubin’ In Somerset” and the B-Side to the 45,  “Gathering Time”,  an Instrumental  song.  Both songs are written by Denny Johnson. At the same time they record “Ship of Dreams” And “Ride the Wind” by Denny and a song wrote  by Jim Pewters called “Childhood

June, 1972: “Tubin’ In Somerset” is released on MSP International, a label run by Denny and David Anthony.  The record needs a band name and Denny, while watching  TV, hears  the name Captain Cookiefoot on a Captain Crunch commercial and decides to use the name  Cookiefoot.
The Band only played one job, a promo party for the riverfront park area, held at Archies Bar in Somerset, Wisconsin.

Late May, 1972: Denny Johnson leaves the band Christopher to attend the Institute of Audio Research in New York City.  The band replaces Denny Johnson and continues to play under a new band name, Traktor.
Traktor is Bill Swanson Keyboards and Vocals, Chuck Edwards Lead Guitar and Vocals, Robby Belleville Drums, Bennie Siino Lead Vocals.  Drew  _____ on Bass Guitar and a 2nd Drummer was added  which  was  ________  ___________.
Traktor  only played for for a short time which included playing at Uncle Sam’s, a few local venues and an Outdoor Concert.


Fall 1972:  David Anthony  puts together a Midwest tour for Freddie “Boom Boom” Cannon and calls Denny Johnson to put together a Band to back him up, They must learn 16 Freddie Cannon songs to do so, Denny gets a hold of who else but Bill Swanson, Chuck Edwards and Robby Belleville and the Band is Named The Rock N Roll Generation Band by David Anthony after that tour the same Band under the same name backed up Del Shannon and then ___________



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