Lonnie Knight

Singer, songwriter, guitar player… starting in the early 1960’s




Lonnie Knight


In 1962 Lonnie was a student at Richfield High School and playing guitar in a very early version of  The Castaways, prior to their hit single “Liar, Liar.”  A local band called The Knights offered Lonnie a job and he accepted their offer.  Shortly after joining The Knights, Robbie Hardell joined the band as lead singer and the group became Robbie and the Rave-Ons.  After a number of personnel changes due mainly to military service, the band became The Rave-Ons in 1964 with the following lineup:  Lonnie Knight on guitar and vocals; Dick Wiegand on guitar and vocals; Larry Weigand on bass guitar and vocals; and Harry Nehls on drums.  The band recorded three 45’s with local producer George Garrett and had some airplay on the local radio waves.  

In January of 1967, Larry and Dick Wiegand, along with Harry Nehls, decided to join a new group called South 40, being put together by David Anthony Productions with two former members from Jokers Wild, Dave Waggoner and Dave “Kink” Middlemist.  The end of the Rave-Ons left Lonnie without a band to work with until David Anthony Wachter suggested that the remaining members from Jokers Wild (Denny Johnson, Pete Huber and Bill Jordan) get together with Lonnie and carry on as Jokers Wild, so David Anthony Productions does not lose a band by creating South 40.  Lonnie accepted the offer and played with Jokers Wild for the next three-plus years.

After one of the final performances of Jokers Wild in April, 1970, Lonnie left the band and decided to go solo.  For the next few years, Lonnie went back and forth between being a solo artist and a band member with various different groups.

The long and winding musical road has taken Lonnie across the United States, playing with national artists from Bonnie Rait to Jerry Jeff Walker, just to name a few.  Lonnie has recorded two solo albums and five CD’s.  In addition, Lonnie has always been happy to lend his expertise and experience to helping out other musicians on their various recording projects. 

Lonnie Knight is a talented performer and a highly gifted musician that has stood the test of time over the ever changing world of musical styles and directions.  


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A Child’s Song  –  Time = 1:16  From  Just  Today

Winter  Lady  –  Time = 1:17  From  Just  Today

Last  Road  Blindly  –  Time = 1:31  From  Just  Today

Jessica’s  Carnival  –  Time = 1:17  From  Just  Today

Just  Like  Tom  Thumbs  Blues  –  Time = 1:16  From  Just  Today

Let  It  Be  –  Time = 2:19  From  Just  Today

Get  Together  –  Time = 4:09  From  Just  Today




Lonnie  Knight      Guitar  /  Vocals


The  Castaways

The  Rave – ons

Jokers  Wild

The  Litter

Flash  Tuesday

Mojo  Buford  Band

Lexy  Johnson  Band

Lonnie Knight  Solo

City  Mouse

Chad Mitchell  and Friends

The Knight  Henley  Band

Cowboy  Angels

Crow featuring Dave  Wagner


Wild  Horses

The  Neilsen – White  Band


Cocktail  Stevie & the Table  Rockers

Michael  Johnson  and  Friends

The  Lonnie  Knight  Band

The  Hoopsnakes

Blues  West  House  Band

Inn  Kahoots  House  Band

Lonnie  Knight  &  Big  Shoes

R nt  Solo

Lonnie  Knight  &  Reid  Papke

Knight – Papke – Sansby – Haberman

Smokin’ Section

Mosquito Schoals



Where are they now?

Lonnie passed away at age 68 on May 7, 2017.  He was living in Minneapolis, MN at the time of his passing.