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We are MinniePaulMusic.com:

MinniePaulMusic.com was launched in the spring of 2008 and is based in the Minneapolis metro area.  Our mission is to document and preserve the history of the local music scene in the Twin Cities with a focus on the 1955 to 1975 time period.

You Can Help!

If you have any photos of local rock’n’roll bands, records, posters, articles or related items (from roughly 1955 to 1975) that you would be willing to have posted for viewing on this website, please contact us. All original items will be scanned and returned to the owners.  Please email us a photo and description of the item or items.  Not all items may be appropriate for this website and may not be posted.  Thanks!


All band information on this website has been obtained from original band members and is considered to be accurate, reliable and verifiable.  In the event of a band member who is deceased and/or in the event of missing information, data has been obtained from reliable sources, including, but not limited to:

  • other band members from the era;
  • industry professionals from the era;
  • relatives of band members; and
  • publications from the era.

Minniepaulmusic.com reserves the right to revise information on this site as warranted.

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