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Dave Waggoner 

Dave Waggoner  began  his musical career in 1963 on bass guitar with The Aardvarks, then moved on to a new role as lead singer with  Jokers  Wild at the end of 1965.  In March, 1967, Dave joined The South 40, at the request of David Anthony, a local booking agent, who put the new band together.  The band released a live album, “Live at Someplace Else” on the local Metrobeat  label in 1968.  Also, in 1968, The South Forty traveled to Des Moines, Iowa to participate in a band contest that resulted in a name change to Crow and a recording contract with Amaret Records.  With Dave Waggoner’s distinctive vocals and the highly talented band members, Crow had three songs on the charts with Amaret in 1969 and 1970, starting with Evil Woman and followed up with Cottage Cheese and Don’t Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie on the King of Rock’n’Roll.   During this time period, the band traveled the country (and Canada) and played numerous popular venues and concerts, sharing the bill with national recording stars including Janis Joplin, Iron Butterfly, Jefferson Starship, the Steve Miller Band and Eric Burdon and the Animals.  

Dave left Crow at the end of 1971 and recorded a solo album for Amaret, Dave Wagner d/b/a Crow.  The album was recorded in Los Angeles using top local studio musicians. 

In November, 1979, David Anthony asked Dave Wagner to put a new version of Crow together.  This version of Crow played locally and throughout the Midwest during 1980 through the end of 1981 and recorded an album in 1981. The album was not finished and the band had broken up, however, David Anthony convinced the band to finish the album in October, 1982.  The album, Crow “on the Run”, was released on the Peak label on vinyl, LP and cassette tape.  A 45 was also released, “Someone” backed with “All For the Love of Money”.  After this version of Crow, Dave continued on with Whiskey River for a few  years and Crosscut for awhile , followed by various versions of Crow

 In 1989, a CD was put together called  Dave Waggoner, “Songs Unkown to Ears”, a collection of studio songs written by Denny Johnson and recorded over a five year time period at Sunrise Sound Recording Studios, using top local musicians including Cynthia Johnson and friends, David Island , John VeznerJohn Sims Jr., Ira FergusonJohn Richardson and Jeff Christensen.   In 2005, a new Crow album was released, “Before the Storm”.  Currently, a new version of Crow continues to play, marking 45 years in the music business for Dave Waggoner, a Minnesota rock’n’roll legend, now a resident of Arizona.  Now, for the first time ever, the CD, “Songs Unknown to Ears” (on Peak Records), is finally made available to the public. 


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If  It  Feels  Good  Do  It  –  1st.  solo  45  Record  –  Side A

Cado  Queen  –  1st.  solo  45  Record  –  Side B


 Songs Unknown To Ears Now Available On

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Never Before –    from Songs Unknown to Ears CD Peak 16000

Eye to Eye –    from Songs Unknown to Ears CD Peak 16000

Little  Lovemaker  –    from Songs Unknown to Ears CD Peak 16000

I Wanna Heart –    from Songs Unknown to Ears CD Peak 16000

Magic Boy –    from Songs Unknown to Ears CD Peak 16000

Piece of My Heart–    from Songs Unknown to Ears CD Peak 16000

Trouble in Paradise –    from Songs Unknown to Ears CD Peak 16000

Rockin’ the Night Away –    from Songs Unknown to Ears CD Peak 16000

All I Can Do –    from Songs Unknown to Ears CD Peak 16000

User –    from Songs Unknown to Ears CD Peak 16000



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Dave  Waggoner   1964  to  Current


Dave  Wagner  (Waggoner)      Lead  Vocals  


The  Aardvarks

The  He – Too’s

Jokers  Wild

The  South  40


Jack  Daniels  Band

CROW  featuring  Dave  Wagner

Whiskey  River



Where are they now?

Dave  Waggoner  –  Lead  Vocals

Active  in  Music               Yes

Doing  What  ?  –  Lead  Singer  for  Crow  and  Touring


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