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1969 – 1970

May, 1969: Local musicians Tom Nystrom (The Accents/The Underbeats) and Greg Maland (Gregory Dee and The Avanties) put together a new band called Jumbo.  The original lineup is: Tom Nystrom (drums and vocals); Greg Maland (Hammond B-3 organ and vocals); Bob Jones (bass guitar and vocals); and Kent Saunders (guitar).  Tom Nystrom is credited with the name, Jumbo.

The band gets a steady job at a downtown Minneapolis club called More Downstairs, located in the basement of The Roaring Twenties, at the Southeast intersection of 5th and Hennepin.  Another venue the band plays on a regular basis is His and Hers, in the basement of the Foshay Tower, formerly known as King Solomon’s Mines, a popular Rhythm and Blues club. In addition, the band plays at the Tom Tom Room at the Minnehaha Lanes (a bowling alley) in St. Paul.  The band also plays numerous private parties, including cruise parties on Lake Minnetonka.  Greg Maland books the jobs for the band.

Fall, 1969:  Kent Saunders leaves the band and is replaced by Lauren “Wally” Walstad on guitar.  This is Wally’s second band with Tom Nystrom, as Wally had filled in for Jim Johnson on guitar when Jim left The Underbeats for two years to servie in the military.

Local musician Dennis Libby records Jumbo playing live at More Downstairs. The recording consists of 16 songs.

Late, 1969: The band books studio time at Sound 80 in Minneapolis and over a couple of days record five songs including an original song called “Lebanon”.  The recording engineer is Tom Jung and the recording equipment is an Ampex 8-track machine.  The band receives two reel to reel tapes of the finished songs, none of which are ever pressed up as records.

New Years Eve, 1969: Jumbo plays live at a Holiday Inn located near downtown St. Paul.

March, 1970: Wally Walstad leaves Jumbo to go on the road with The Entertainers, a band led by drummer John Stafford.  Ken Sand takes over on guitar.  Like Wally, Ken Sand had also played in a band with Tom Nystrom before…The Accents.

September, 1970.  Jumbo breaks up.


2010: A CD is made available of the bands live performance recorded by Dennis Libby at More Downstairs in the fall of 1969.  The CD contains the following songs:

1.  “Spoonful” (Muddy Waters)

2.  “Rest Cure” (Arthur Brown)

3.  “Lebanon” (Tom Nystom)

4.  “Spinning Wheel” (Blood, Sweat and Tears)

5.  “Water Woman” (Spirit)

6.  “One” (Three Dog Night)

7.  “The Girl’s Song” (The Fifth Dimension)

8.  “Fresh Garbage”  (Spirit)

9.  “Mojo Hand” (Lightnin’ Hopkins)

10. “More and More” (Blood, Sweat and Tears)

11. “I’m a Man” (The Yardbirds)

12. “Topanga Windows” (Spirit)

13.  “Smiling Phases” (Blood, Sweat and Tears)

14.  “Sometimes in Winter” (Blood, Sweat and Tears)

15.  “I’m Hers and I’m Yours” (Johnny Winters)

16.  “Roll With It” (Stevie Winwood)

Wally Walstad reports the location of the two tapes of the bands studio recording from late 1969 are unknown.



Fresh Garbage

Spinning Wheel


More and More



JUMBO                           BAND  TREE      


Jumbo  1969 – 1970


Tom  Nystrom

Drums  /  Vocals

1969  to  1970





F  Troop

The  Hi  Tops



Alfalpha  Males


Greg  Maland

Keyboards  /  Vocals                                     

1969 – 1970

Gregory Dee and the Avanties


Blackwood  Apology

The  Bradfords

Solo  Artist



Bob  Jones

Bass  Guitar  / Vocals

1969 – 1970

Hot Half Dozen



Jump  Street

Free  and  Easy

James  Walsh  Gypsy  Band



Loren “Wally”  Walstad

Lead  Guitar

1969  to  1970





John Stafford  &  The  Entertainers

Los  Tres  Bossmen

Five O Nine Zoo

Allison  Bristow

Norm  Stratton  ‘Stormin’ Norman”

Ron Lee and The Expressions


Dom and the Domino’s



Where are they now?



 JUMBO                   Where  Are  They  Now  ?      



1969  to  1970                                                                


Tom  Nystrom                                                    Active  in  Music

Drums  /  Vocals                                                               No

Doing  What  ?……………………………..   Passed  away  at age 60 on May 22, 2004


Greg  Maland                                                      Active  in  Music

Rhythm  Guitar  /  Vocals                                                No

Doing  What  ?……………………………..   Passed away at age 68 on September 22, 2012


Bob  Jones                                                           Active  in  Music

Bass  Guitar                                                                       Yes

Doing  What  ?………………………………  Playing  in  Gypsy and The Del Counts


Loren  “Wally”  Walstad                                Active  in  Music

Guitar  /  Vocals                                                               No

Doing  What  ?……………………………..   Passed away at age 67 on September 3, 2014 



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