June Rice

Singer – Songwriter – Pianist



June Temple Rice came to Sunrise Sound Recording through Rick “Caveman” Johnson in January, 1986.  Rick lived next door to June in Brooklyn Center and heard her play piano and sing.  One day she mentioned to Rick that she would like to record her songs someday.  Rick informed June that his brother Denny owned a recording studio and a date was set up for June to stop over at the studio.

On January 19, 1986, June showed up at the studio and sat at the piano and played her songs for Denny.  After hearing a couple of songs, Denny started rolling tape and recorded about five of her songs as a demo tape, with piano and vocals. 

After a few weeks went by, Denny thought about starting work on an album of June and her songs and contacted local musicians Jeff Christensen and John Sims Jr.  Denny played the demo tape to Jeff and John and came up with a plan on how to get the project off the ground.  Denny’s plan was to follow each song and let the song set the direction for the arrangements and the production.

On February 9, 1986, the project began and lasted over the next five months.  Fourteen songs were recorded, ten originals songs by June and four songs written by Denny, who produced the project and came up with the various musicians for each song.

The musicians were:

June Temple Rice: Lead and Backing Vocals

Jeff Christensen: All Guitars

John Sims Jr.: Keyboards

David Island: Soprano Sax

Ira Ferguson: Bass / Keyboards

Denny Johnson: Bass / Backing Vocals

Ed Yost: Drums


The songs recorded were:

1.  “We’re Makin’ Love”

2.  “Oh Johnny”

3.  “Been Burned Again”

4.  “Persuaded”

5.  “Be My Love”

6.  “Bradley Baby”

7.  “Flew too High”

8.  “You Gotta Have Love”

9.  “You and Me Make One”

10. “Private Property”

11. “Beautiful Start”

12. “Laughin’ About”

13. “Tonight”

14. “Baby Blue Eyes”


Another song was planned to be included, “The DJ and the Singer” but did not get recorded.

Unfortunately, a number of the songs were started but never completed. 

All songs were written by June Temple Rice except for numbers 5, 9, 11 and 12 which were written by Denny.

All songs published through Minniepaul Music BMI.

The project was going along very well, but one day June returned to Michigan where she had been

attending college and no one heard from her after that.



In October, 2011, Denny decided to include the June Rice recording project on the website.




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Been Burn’t Again – Song Before Production

Been Burn’t Again – Song After Production – from the Baby Blue Eyes CD – Peak Records 16040

We’re Makin’ Love –  from the Baby Blue Eyes CD – Peak Records 16040

Persuaded – from the Baby Blue Eyes CD – Peak Records 16040

Be My Love – from the Baby Blue Eyes CD – Peak Records 16040





Where are they now?




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